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HMAV Bounty by Roman Roganov - home-made on the basis of Amati

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Hello, colleagues!


In the first version of the Forum, I was driving his report on the construction of. Alas forum collapsed, and with it my theme too. It was pretty sad.



I will try to regenerate the report to present all the main stages of construction.



So it all began



































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At the request of the customer's vehicle should look old. Therefore, all the elements to grow old with oil followed by the application of bituminous patina.




Gradually, along with the ship's hull was doing small things: guns




Feed shell:




Pipe galley:


Edited by Roman Roganov
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Hi Roman


Your model look good I know how much hard work you must have put into it, I am building the Bounty also

my model is the Del Prado version came in fortnightly and I have all the issues now started her about 5 years

ago it all takes time




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Hi Roman

Looks mighty fine - keep up the good work - I am currently in the final stages of my bounty !

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Beautiful work!


I love the Bounty and you have done a fantastic job of her

Current Build - US Brig Syren - Model Shipways - 1:64 - 1st wood build


Armed Virginia Sloop with complimentary 8x paint MS paint set - Model Shipways - Ordered 31st October 2013

Victory Cross Section - Corel - Ordered 15th October

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Love it ........you are doing something I find very difficult to do, and that is to simulate ware and tear ,my overriding impulse is to keep everything as pristine as possible.

  At what stage do you simulate the ware and tear....and what is it that you apply to give it that aged look.


  Thanks for posting,


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