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Bismarck by Kevin - FINISHED - Trumpeter - 1/200 - PLASTIC

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Nothing above the deck level is fixed at all, it was just easier to put in on to keep it safe, as for the pre shading, im also worried,(lol) it does look a bit strong, i quess i will find out soon, 

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Nothing above the deck level is fixed at all, it was just easier to put in on to keep it safe, as for the pre shading, im also worried,(lol) it does look a bit strong, i quess i will find out soon, 

I wouldn't worry about it. Just spray on a couple of thinned coats of grey until you are happy with the result. The hull grey is fairly dark and it wouldn't take too many passes to completely erase the preshading if you are unhappy with it. I saw the flory model post about a month ago and have been trying to come up with a way to convince the wife why this kit would change our lives for the better! Your model is looking great and you should be proud with what you have accomplished so far.

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Hi Kevin


Great paint job with your air brush, very nice, Bismarck sure was a very impressive ship.                                                                    ENJOY.


Regards   Lawrence    

Agree paint job looks great.

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   At least you are back in the shop. Me having a hard time with the stairs and also at the same time not listening to the doctors about giving it more time to heal. At least now they have me going to water therapy and that should make the muscles stronger for the stairs if not I only have one option left and I am not looking forward to that one LOL.

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Hello Kevin


Great looking Bismarck, I got this kit with the MK1 dx on my shelf but I need to save up for an airbrush Before I can start, I´ll be sure to check back when I´ve got it. :D Have you made any progress this year or are you back on the Victory?




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Good evening everyone


To cut a long story short, the Victory is on hold again, I have permission to bring plastic into the conservatory, so the Bismarck has come out of mothballing. basicly the victory is to big a to bring into the house and as I am into the rigging stage, i dont want the new puppy helping me, 

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Good evening


Work on the Bissi has restarted but have moved out of my mancave for now into the conservatory-  at least i am able to do some boat building, better than not being able to do anything, I apologise to anyone how does not have a proper workspace


This is why I have to re-site for now - meet Dobbie (now 13 weeks old) Cocker spaniel, 


it is impossible to let him into the mancave, it was never designed around a hyper active pup, and it is all set up around the Victory in the rigging stage


Did quite a lot on the main armament  and PE work on all the ships boats, the longest part was working out where I have left off


The hull needs the be touched up around the boot line,







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Hi Kevin,


Your Bismark is looking great, and your Cocker is absolutely gorgeous. The Admiral and I have a 5 month old Working strain Cocker Spaniel. I think there's more springer in her than cocker because she is nuts, but very lovable. Be prepared to accept that time in the man cave and shipyard will dwindle very quickly over the next few months.


This is my little pup, the dinosaur costume is courtesy of the Admiral, she thought it looked cute...






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good morning everyone


making progress with at least an hour daily on the build, PE is being fitted everywhere, Like all my builds, I should stick to page one of the instructions, and not move on until completed, as I am continually finding something is now in the way




Edited by Kevin
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good evening everyone


it has taken a while to get used to having a nosher dog in the family, but we are now settling into a routine that is working for the three of us, done quite a lot of work on the Bismarck over the weekend - but getting bogged down with PE

never got chance to get outside for photo' to windy - so again sorry for the quality











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