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HMS VICTORY by Kevin - FINISHED - Caldercraft/Jotika - 1/72

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Hello Kevin

It appears that most builders are posting a summary of there work from the beginning up to present stage. If you have the time and patience you could put up blocks of photos and dialogue stage by stage, the hull build , the planking , the lower deck the middle deck etc. Its all up to. Look forward to see you up and running soon. DAVID

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Hi Kevin,


Good to have you back.  This is sort of like a parachute company re-grouping after a dispersed jump, everybody showing up at the marshalling area in dribs and drabs!  As for re-posting your pictures, it's up to you how you do it.  I put up blocks of pictures of my build - basic hull construction, gun ports, stern galleries.  Of course I had it much easier than you folks who are much further along in your builds since I'm still at the early stages.  Looking forward to seeing your build again and your progress going forward.



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sept 2011-280 hours into build, all gun ports middle and lower have been lined.


This was achieved using a simple built jig that allowed the linings to be put into the cut-out at a depth of 1mm from the outside of the hull, without constantly loosing then into the hull



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the copper tiles took me 140+ hours - to be in a position where i was happy with them, I made lots of mistakes and found ways to correct them


few things i learnt


i used superglue,, but there are different formula's - i found the medium jel worked for me in the end,

ensure you have a good waterline

from the waterline i worked down about 14 rows and found from there i had a continual run of tiles which hit the waterline forward and aft, then worked from the keel up this ensured that that the gore line was hidden under the belly of the build

the stern up to the rudder post was a pain to get - so that it looked the same when viewed from there looking forward, this was because both side were not exactly the same


i used a thin strip of plastic on the waterline to tidy the tiles up


copper tape always was an option - i decided against this

i required to purchase more tiles

i would change the glue type next time to something light something like evostick - something that gives you time to move the tile around, and easier to get any residue off


hope this makes sense







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480 hours into build


the 1/4 galleries were perhaps the easiest bit so far for me anyway i got it right 1st time. I can only presume that is because i managed to get everything where it needed to be, ie i would rip it off and do again if not so


there was quite a debate about this at the time, i had a PM through stating they are in the wrong place/position, this is in fact an optical illusion



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Post loft conversion and with the extra room, the opportunity has come to move into the garage, up sizing from the 10x8 shed, which does not have the height room to complete the Victory, so i am at present lagging it to make it a habitable environment








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