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Coating or glueing the inside of hull planks

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An alternative to bandage gauze,is fibreglass plasterers scrim tape.This is self adhesive so you can in effect stick the tape in place then cover with PVA.You need to leave the tape in place overnight to let the adhesive set before applying the glue though.The last coat of PVA nends to be almost unthinned,but you will end up with rock hard planking.

Kind Regards Nigel

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If the outside is painted or sealed, so should the inner side of the hull. That said, I once used acrylic paint instead of my usual solvent-based oil paint. I had some left-overs and thought this a great way to use up the can. Big mistake! The moisture content warped the planks and sprang several. It was hell's teeth to restore several weeks' worth of work. I had to actually replace a couple of planks as well. Lesson learned: economy is not always the best policy.

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I have never considered it.  All of my ships are double planked and I figure that after applying two layers of planking using PVA it is highly unlikely that anything is going to move. I also try to make sure that the second layer of planking staggers over the seams in the first layer. 


I build kits and after gluing the bulkheads in place the next thing I do is install the deck to ensure the keel remains straight and rigid while planking.  Doing that makes it almost impossible to put any coating on the inside of the hull once the first planking has been completed. 


My first ship was built over 20 years ago and there is not even so much as a hairline crack anywhere in the hull.

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