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Canadian Canoe by Shawn - Midwest Products - SMALL

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I was digging around my spare room upstairs where I keep my hobby stuff and while looking for something I found a Midwest Products Canadian Canoe. I had started building the model a couple of years ago and put it away to work on something else and totally forgot I even had it. I really want to get better at planking before I start my Artesania Latina Swift Ship Kit so I'm going to try to finish this kit next. Anyway, here's what I'd had finished so far. Hope you all like it.

The first picture showing the start of the build is not my picture but one I found online. I hadn't taken pictures until what you see in the next build progress picture but wanted to show what it starts out as. Sorry for the blurry picture.





Charles City, Iowa


Albatroscon80702_zps103cfe83.jpg  2-MidwestProductsSkipjackSmall_zps02b8cc Smallsakonnetdaysailer.jpg

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