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HMS Sphynx by Alex M - Scale 1/48 - English 20 Gun Frigate as build 1775

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Hello, and many thanks for your warm words!

Greg, the doors are glued with industry CA glue from Würth, and hinges are faux. :D They are simple brass strips and rolled brass rods glued on.


Druxey, yesterday I have turned pulleys, here the driven one:






now I have to make a bracket, chain and chimney, and it is barbecue time (if you are not afraid of the smell of heated glue) :D :D :








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It is blackened... was all other as easy, because the glue give a sort of patina around. after several cleaning and cleaning, blackening and re blackening it looks a little like wrong iron... here the result, I think, I can live with them...










and how it looks on model:







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It looks great Alex....no, FANTASTIC!  Would you please walk us through your blackening process. (how and what you clean with ,what you use to blacken, ratios of chemicals used, duration of exposure etc. etc.) Thanks.


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Thank Druxey! Tom, thank you too. The proces takes some time but is not as spectacular as I may detailed explain it. Ordinary cleaning with spiritus and blackening with brass black. I have also used exacto knife, fine sand paper and steel wool on some places to remove glue.



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