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Hi all,


hope this is the proper place/way to post this. My name is Sasha Beliaev, I'm a CG professional (games, film) living in Vancouver, BC. Here's my website with some old samples: www.scrawnypaws.com


I work on a personal project that involves building 3D ships from construction drawings (Ancre, G.Delacroix). I'm looking for a person with the following skillset:



- familiarity with 17-18 c. ship structure and functionality


- intermediate to good to expert modelling skills (3ds max preferably, or anything that converts to .max or .obj, NO Rhino please); low to mid poly count, clean modelling, UV unwrapping (if possible)


- ability to interpret and riff off a historical design/prototypes



It's a paid job (compensation TBD) and a professional project, too. No beginners, please.


If you're interested, up to the task or know somebody who fits the description, please drop me a line.


Thank you very much indeed.



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Sounds like a very interesting project. May I ask why you chose ANCRE plans? Is this just about french vessels?

And what is a low-to-mid polycount for a sailing ship? 20k tris? 100k tris? Curious minds and all that...^^


By the way, just had a look at your website, great modelling (the Suprise has a couple of inaccuracies, though), but I really fell in love with your drawings/paintings.You have a very nice style with an unique atmosphere :)

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thank you for the reply. Surprise is not a Surprise at all - it's an inexpert mixture of 2 ships. It's an old model, too.


French plans: they are accurate. :) Poly count: 1.5-2M with instanced geo before mesh smoothing. Level of detail for up-close rendering.

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