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beginner build for step dad


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well hello everyone thanks for the comments on this thread, well i got the 18th century long boat for my step dad he was very excited when he got it, i didn't know that he had done model ship building when he was younger

unfortunately many years of being a butcher and blacksmith has taken its toll on his hands and arthritis wont allow him to do small detailed work, so he gave me the boat to build so ill build it and give it to him when I'm done

in the mean time i still wanted to give him something so i made this sign for his blacksmith shop its the first wood project i have ever done and completed. i used my dremel to carve out the silhouette and hand wrote the phrases then used the dremel to carve the words, ill give it to him this weekend i have to get it sealed first. so it turned out good anyway

thanks for all the kind words


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Wow!  This sign is really nice!

Thinking out loud, have you thought about adding the wrought iron hardware to hang the sign?



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