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Straightening Moulded Brass Strips

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Could someone out there please give me some assistance regarding the straightening of brass moulded strips? I have a Panart San Filipe (more fool me) that has long brass mouldings that have been bent into 'horseshoe' shapes to get them into the box. Why, I do not know as the box is big enough for these strips to be supplied as straight lengths.  The strips are approximately 4mm wide x 2mm thick. I have tried annealing them (heat to red heat and quenching immediately in cold water) whilst dangling them with a heavy weight at one end. It helps a bit but they are still not good enough for use. Please bear in mind that I do not have access to a machine shop. Thanks in advance.


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To bend the molding strips into a curve to get them into the box two things happened. One, the inside of the curve stayed the same length as it was when straight or it was compressed a bit, the outside edge was stretched around the curve. If the strip was flat and not molded you might have been able to get it straight again but it would be thinner along the area of the curve. I don't think you can straighten the molding without visible distortion remaining in the piece.


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You shouldn't have quenched them.In order to anneal them you need to heat them and allow to cool slowly at their own rate.I have had the same problem and I think Panart /Sergal employees have a giggle to themselves when they pack the kit.Exactly the same as yours with my Soleil Royal,plenty of length to the box but they were bent double.I replaced mine with timber mouldings painted gold.If you wish to go that route the modeldockyard.com based in Truro stock various timber profiles from Amati and Caldercraft,however that would take some soaking/steaming to get around the balcony at your stern.

Kind Regards Nigel

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