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USS Constellation by mtaylor - Artesania Latina - bashed heavily into 1854 Sloop of War - Finished

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Thanks for the nice comments everyone.



Wonderful build! I like the changes you made to correct the kit. I had the kit, but sold it when I found out the AL model, out of the box, was ficticous. I also didn't like the scale (H.O.?)


Looks great!







I almost tossed mine for the same reasons.  But I remember walking her in around '74 in Baltimore.  The kit looked like she did then.  So it wasn't fiction.  It was laziness.  They never changed the kit after the truth was out.  It was a few people pointing me in the right direction that spurred me into this bash.  Funny thing.... I noticed that AL include the hull hog that was there in '74.   BTW, the scale is pretty close to HO and not what they had on the box.  A bunch of stuff was either fiction or the wrong scale.



Hi Mark: it's nice to see you 've got your Constellation back up, You've done an excellent build on her and it's one that everyone here should see.The picture with the lighting on is just awesome! Great job.




Thanks Frank.  I've had few people say they like that stern shot.  Maybe I should give up model making and go back to photography? :)

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Well it was fun walking her back then in the 70's.  Pity it wasn't the old frigate they claimed it was.  It really was the 1854 Sloop that they bastardized into something they called "the real frigate".


For interesting reading:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Constellation_(1854)

For even more indepth reading:  http://www.comicbookbrain.com/a_uss_constellation_history.php  and http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA241916

Quite the scandal...

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Very nice build. I am just finishing up my own AL Constellation that had been sitting in the basement for many years. Had the opportunity to visit the ship last summer while working the Baltimore Grand Prix. I dug her out and now she is looking pretty good - just a little more rigging to go.

Like many others here i was  not impressed by the kit, however I did learn a lot that will help with the next one.

Again - very nice build - congrats...


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Ah... this model is NOT one of the first frigates.   The AL kit is a fraud. We had a total system crash back some years and lost everything so this is actually a kit bash.  As I explained way back early on, what sits in Baltimore, which the plans were taken from decades ago, is the sloop of war from 1854.   There were some shenanigans pulled when they acquired her to make everyone belief this was one of them.   Drop the following into Google (minus the quotes) and you see what I mean:  "fouled anchors the constellation question answered".   


Given that the plans for the orginal frigate have gone missing, there's really no plans to build the first Constellation.  I was disheartened to find that out, but such is life.

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