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East India Company Paddle Frigate PUNJAUB: any detailed info available?

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Hello to all,


I am considering a conversion of a battered Cutty Sark to the East India Company Paddle Frigate PUNJAUB.

The PUNJAUB  was sold to John Willis and Son during the dissolution of the EIC, and converted into the famous sailing ship TWEED.

Anyway, is there any detailed information available on the PUNJAUB? None of the sources I have checked, including vol 30 of the Mariner's Mirror, have provided any details at all.

Thank you,

Tom Lundy 

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Basil Lubbock's The Blackwall Frigates (available online) has some photos and a cross-section, no plans or anything, but interesting info...



David Lyon in ..All the ships of the Royal Navy 1815-1889 lists:

250'0" pp., 39'6",  1,800 b.m.


That should at least put you in the ball park for hull adaptation... Good Luck!

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I was looking through a book last night of nautical art and came across a painting of the Tweed and thought, boy what a nice looking ship that beacons to have her lines taken and modeled. Then looked up her history and found that is had quite a story starting out as a paddle wheeled warship in India and ending as a clipper.  I do not have the source of the painting available right now but will look it up tonight.

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