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Holiday Harbor multi build By Popeye the sailor - 1:20 scale

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where do I begin..........this project was to be well under way by now,  but the way thing panned out,  it has had a very rocky start.   I had thought of the concept during the build of the M&M fun ship,  and my idea was to build three ships.......one of them was to see if there was a market for such a thing.   during all this time,  I've come up with a few more ideas,   so I am going to do them with different ideas......three different concepts,  and see which one works best.   as the title implies,  they will have a holiday theme.....being careful not to offend anyone.   it is my hope that everyone enjoys the construction and creative aspects.


we turn the dial of the way-back machine back to December of 2012........I was planning on starting it then.   I had cut the keel parts for two of them,  and the ribs for the first one.  my plan was to begin at this point.  the hulls of these boats will be modeled,  based on the Billing's kit Boulogne Etaples.  the hull parts were traced from the parts panels........sadly,  the panels did not survive the tracing of the rest of the parts.   I had begun to assemble the first keel.






I had made up the stern parts for all three,  but did not use them all.   to save money on wood,  I purchased a 4' x 4' square 3/16 oak plywood panel,  later to be stripped out and used for the rest of the parts.   I ended up making another stern part for the third keel,  so it would be of the same thickness.








the project stopped for a while.........until May of this year.   I assembled the keel for the second ship,  but not much else.




it was not long after this picture was taken,  that the plywood was purchased.........and stripped out a bit later than that.   a couple of weeks ago,  the admiral asked me about them,  suggesting that I should get busy on them,  if I want them for the holidays.   of course,  I laughed........and told her that they would not be done this year,  perhaps next season would be more realistic.  the panels were traced out last week......and the parts were cut out this past Tuesday.   at this point,  two of the hull frames are assembled,  and the third is on the slip.   I should have an update on this build soon.


and.......what's life without a few chiggers in it.   things have been rather hectic around the house lately.......we are about to make a move to the third floor of our apartment house........purely a financial move.  so I may be a bit silent here and there,  until these hulls are planked,  and we can get past the crazy stuff.   I can clear my mind of all these ideas......but the most important thing,  to finally get this project of the ground and on the move :)    I had such a good time with the M&M build,  that I really wanted to get into another one.   it was so easy to come up with this concept......and the directions that these ships can take,  is endless.   for the moment,  the directions will not be brought into it......the construction of the hulls will come first..........but I will mention that the deck layouts will be different to suit their subjects.   this is big.........an armada of holiday vessels.......I hope you enjoy what is to come.



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thanks Wayne........it's going to be cool for you all to see the frames completed.   I'm looking at the two I have now,  along with the Boulogne hull {hypothetical}..........it's going to be a massive build.   it's also going to be interesting how they will be shown in progress....a lot of the hull construction will be identical at this point.   they won't branch off until a bit later.   I will be very happy to get these hulls to the point where they can take on their own subject....their true natures.   in a way,  it's good they start now........a lot of the ornamentation will be on the shelves.....can't wait to visit the craft stores  :)   who knows what the scavenger hunts will produce  ;)



on the move front........it's sad to see how the paycheck has shrunk........I can hardly believe it myself.  I'm just glad to hear that the landlord is willing to let us do this.   I still will be in charge of the landscaping......I told him I would,  and I agreed to monitor the boiler for the first floor heat,  seeing that I understand the system.   I'm not even going to get into the reasons....anyone who lives in this country knows the story.......moot.   it just changes our plans to finally be able to afford our own place again.   it's still the dream.

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so.......on to the assembly of the frames.   these were started in the living room,  kept out of the way.  the first one is the 1/4 plywood.








pieces of strip stock was added between the ribs to help lock them in.




the third keel was assembled using the 3/16 plywood.   the ribs of the other two will be of this thickness,  it shouldn't affect the second one.






I have other parts that I cut earlier.......I'll just weigh out what to use.  the first one needs the bow rabbits,  but I'll do them last {they need sanding}.   I started  on the second one.





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I was a bad boy........I got caught sanding in the living room.  just fitting the ribs wasn't good enough....and I got sent to the table.  the second one is done by this time.......only the bow rabbits need to be put on.




the third one is in the works now.........






with the first one,  the last rib at the stern was shaped per the tracings.  with the other two,  this last rib is altered......cut straight across.   not that it's a huge problem,  but when sanded and the deck platform is in place,  it will have something to be cemented to.  I'll just lay a beam across the first one.  the bow rabbits are sanded with the aide of the belt sander.  my cuts were not the greatest......the thin blade broke and I couldn't find the others,  so I put the thicker blade back in to cut them.  this just means that I have a lot of extra faring to do.   I also think this project will better acquaint me with the dremel....brand new and hardly used.




they are all assembled now....bow rabbits are all in place.  the glue wasn't totally dry yet,  so they still have their nose rings .....Hee.....Hee.   Moe......Larry.......and Curly :)






here is a better look at the stern alteration




the bow rabbits jut out a bit from the stems on two of them.......I'll just angle the cuts and blend them in with the stem.




I need to get some 1/16 flat stock for the decking,  and I'm debating whether or not,  to say the heck with it and plank the bulwarks.   making the bulwark panels with flat stock,  might make it easier to do the scuppers,  but I don't want to run into the same problems I had with the original Boulogne.  I'll wait and see the best way to go.   I pretty much have the table cleared off.......I've been putting my stuff away for the move.  I have already brought a few ships up there,  and anything we aren't going to use, down to the cellar.......my legs are tired.  should be an interesting couple of weeks  ;)







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hello John......sorry I didn't see you comment sooner.......we must have crossed in the post  ;)   yes,  there are others in the shipyard still,  I was hoping to have made better progress.  I  figured if I waited much longer.......it would put them much further back into the millennium.

    now....I can safely say,  that all my plans are in the works.  I hope to have at least one finished by next season  ;)


thanks Michael.........for now,  everything done will be done equally.......so you see one,  you'll see them all.   I will show all three as this develops.    the real juggling act will happen when the deck plans are laid out,  and each one takes their own direction.   I like the style of ship that I will be using........there will be more than enough deck surface to fit them out,  for the subject that they will be.   I hope it will be as interesting for all,  as it will be for me ;)

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the move is on.......all building has ceased.   most of my modeling stuff is up there in a room,  off the beaten path.  we have this month to get up there........but man...........so much little stuff!  we are pack rats...........that's what we do  :)

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Hello Popeye,


Good luck with the move. I sincerely hope things will get better for you.


Three builds at once, wow, I'm going to watch very closely.

Don't want to miss out on anything here.


But now not one secret, but three. Not telling us what the themes for this Holiday Harbour builds will be.

That is really not fair on us animaatjes-ja-en-nee-80411.gif


But you're forgiven my friend. Take care of the move first. Then take a little rest and entertain us with your builds. As you always do. We will wait patiently for your return.


If you have time, we will be on Skype tonight with Mobbsie and maybe Frank will join us as well.

You are more than welcome to join us.


Say hello to Phyllis for me.



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thanks Bob.......if I were to say how many..........Dr. Per will come after me with the butterfly net!   do ya think I oughta sign up?  :)



glad to have you aboard Sjors.......it's still early......enjoy!  ;)



thank you Anja.....I'm on a rest from the second wave {lugging boxes and small stuff}.  I can't believe all the ship supplies I have.....I really need a workshop like others have.   for the moment......nothing is amiss........they don't even need to be told apart,  but I named them,  just for perspectives.   sorry for the secrecy......I want to be sure of the subject,  before I make them known.   scavenger hunts will be very important in the decisions.  I still need to find some able bodied friends to help me with the big stuff,  until then,  it's tote up as much as I can.........what we don't need at the moment will go in the cellar.  I also have to clean out the garage......last thing on my mind at the moment.  thanks for the good word......I'll be glad to start up again......I'm only truly happy when I'm building  :)

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Hi Denis,


Moving seems to be a mix of good things and things that make you scream.   :o  I hope all goes well and you can get back into the shipyard.  


This is going to be an interesting mystery project.   Since you're working and moving, for now, we'll do coffee and hold the adult beverages until you're all moved:   post-76-0-04603700-1383953780.gif    Sorry Wayne, got to think of our host first.

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I think I need some of that adult beverage now............the move is canceled!   seems that the landlord would rather get an extra $75.00 a month for the third floor,  rather than save us around $300.00 {could be more}.   actually what it boiled down to.......is that the first floor is heated with oil,  hot water is heated with gas,  and electric.   third floor is heated totally with gas {water as well},  and electric.  as soon as the folks hear about the first floor......they ran like hell!  we saw some people take down the number........soon afterwards,  the landlord called us and changed his mind.  I let him talk.........I'll wait till I see him in person.   I told him that I had brought a bunch of stuff up there already.   I had brought up almost all of my models and stuff......my big build table was all that was left.  also a good portion on the admiral's M&M collection and shelving......and some small furniture.   I had to bring it all back down :(   he did change the listing to the first floor.....but he jacked up that one more than he did for the third floor.   he must still had the third floor listed,  because he was getting calls for it too  {I didn't pick up on that until later}.


anyway........everything is back in the apartment now.........a bit messed up,  but the third floor is as I found it.   my modeling stuff is all in disarray at the moment.........I have several ships on the main table.   once I get things back in order,  it'll be business as usual.  thanks for all the well wishes........I'm sure things happen for a reason.


thanks for the good word Mark.....I will do my best to make it as interesting as I can  :)

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thanks John,  Mark,  and Anja...........


sure......even if he was to get $900.00  {he was getting $825.00 from the past tenants},  it would be a savings........the admiral said that last night.   he never offered us that though....he just changed his mind.   the big picture is that he should do that for all the floors,  but he doesn't want to spend the money.   I need to get going to work now......perhaps I can elaborate this evening ;)

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I said I would post a picture of my table....and the turmoil at the moment.   things are getting back in order, I did end up getting a cold from the sweating,  and lugging stuff up and down the stairs......it was cold in that hallway........although I'm sure my resistances were down as well.  it's a process.........


well......my big table is a wreck.......it's the only thing that DIDN'T go up there........






you probably notice the bow spirit on the AmericA is a bit out of joint.......it wasn't from the move.  I had it sitting on a table,  broadside in front of a window,  and an ill wind blew it onto the floor.  it only sustained some minor damage {nothing disfiguring}......nothing I can't fix.   I had the desk table {which did go up stairs} in the living room.......I was going to fire up the old computer {windows 98},  so I could run my older games.  with the holidays coming up,  I gave up on the idea,  and joined it back up to the big table.






these three are now back where they belong.........I rearranged the living room,  per the admiral's request for the holidays.......she wants to put the tree in the bay windows....very easy to comply with her request.   these are the only three that have wipers...a great idea from Andy  ;)




unrelated forum builds were not exempt.......these two made the trip up and down as well......the F-15 and my first foray in balsa flying aircraft in many years....the Spitfire.   it's not completely finished,  but for a first flight in these many years,  it's close enough.  with the weather changing the way it is,  it looks like it won't see it's first real flight until late spring






the Ambroid train kit I've been working on  {the B&M snowplow},  went up as well,  but it went up in the box I packed it up in,  when I put it aside.  so, it suffered no damage from the predicament.   once things are back in shape,  I can get back to what I want to do......back on track.  choo.......choo!  :)

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Hi Popeye, sorry to hear all of this....hope all works out for you Bro.......this too shall pass...needless to say, I've found your infamous log.  Looks like fun, I'm pulling up a chair with Sjors and the gang to watch the progress.....thanks for the popcorn guys, I'll pass around some cold beer for the cause...

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Wow Popeye, sorry to hear about all the rigamarole they are putting you through, and a cold on top of it - eek!!


A good hot toddy should do it -


Cinnamon Stick

Cup of whiskey

Shot of hot water

Dash of lemon


Does the trick up nicely....


or maybe it is actually a cup of hot water and shot of whiskey... I always get those mixed up - but I sleep like a log =)

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