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popeye the sailor

Holiday Harbor multi build By Popeye the sailor - 1:20 scale -

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well.........this is interesting........guess I blew the deadline Michael :blink:      it's OK.......I'll just blame it on Andrea   ;) 


I've been having this nagging thought in the back of my mind........I've had this urge to play with windows and doors.  I've even had thoughts about siding.   I have quite a bit of that large mesh netting......my thoughts took me along the lines of how stained glass is made.   I took a strip of the netting and rolled it up on a dowel,  hanging the other end off of the box that holds the Titanic parts.   I painted it with copper paint.




I might experiment with silver and gold........but copper seems a good start.   now,  I have two choices here for the glass part....I can use white glue {thick or thinned},  or I can try using the rest of the Testor's window maker {the stuff is old....it would be good to be able to use it up} to create it.   I have some smeared on plastic wrap at the moment to see if it will stick to it,  or I'll be able to peel it off with no problem.   while I was waiting for the copper paint to dry,   I started to make the doors for the front entrance.   I was going to make them operational,  but I think it would be best not to....they will look just as good.  I started with two equal pieces of 3/16 basswood.




I gave them an outer border,  filling in the seams with wood putty.




they were then sanded.......all the while,  being fitted to the opening.




I am going to accent the siding with molding along all the edges........windows,   doors,  and corners.   two pieces were fitted along the edge of the bulwarks,  more will be fitted along the deck and around the door opening.   the windows still need to be trimmed out and sanded flush with the exterior shell,  so they can be fitted.




..........darn crane light...........I bumped it with my head and it blew the bulb! :stunned:   I got another and fixed it :Whew:   to dress up the doors a bit more,  filler blanks were made for the upper and lower voids.   they were put back in place,  so I could show the admiral.




she was a little disappointed that she won't have them this year........she has been very good ;)    she understands though how my mind wanders.........she extended my deadline.   but,  if I don't deliver..........I get coal! :(    I did mention that there are some parts that I desperately needed......could I add them to this years Christmas list.    I got.........the look <_<


checking in on my experiment,  I find that the plastic wrap won't do........the window maker sticks to it quite well.  I've got wax paper as the next test.   while this is drying,  I can make the window frames.

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thanks Patrick  :)   ........baited breath........hmmmmmm,  I wonder how that saying came to be?!  did someone get drunk and eat some worms?  EWWWW!


sorry.......couldn't resist :D  :D    we have that same phrase here in the states.......I believe George Carlin came up with the punch line ;)   I think it was right before he came up with the seven words you can't say on television  ;)    you are very welcome to follow along !


as I was writing this update,  another idea came to me.   I have a few of the tack line decorations that I didn't use for the Half Moon.   all I needed to do,  was add the rings,  and came up with a pair of door knockers........courtesy of Scrooge and Marley !






well........the wax paper did work.......but the window maker took the finish off the paper,  making it kinda cloudy.   you know,  I really don't know why this is so important.   if I came up with crystal clear windows,  I would have to finish out the interior.  it would mean........interior wall coverings,  floor coverings,  furniture,  Tiffany lamps,  staffing and customers.   with cloudy windows,  I can skimp with just a couple simple oil lamps.  I ran it by the admiral.   she just gave me the look.. <_< 


right..........stick with the K.I.S.S. method.........I understand :huh: .............. ;)


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a big hello to everyone........thanks for the kind word and the likes  :)    I know I've been rather spotty lately.......it was a good feeling having the time to try out a few ideas, and be at the table.  ;)


Michael.....believe it or not,  those are lion's heads  :)    Corel was very kind to send me some for my Half Moon {review that log and you will see them}.....I saw them when Jct did his Corel build of the same ship.   I only needed six,  but Corel sent me ten of them.  so cool the idea came to used them......kinda fits the season,  don'cha know  ;)


John.....yea,  time is a bit tighter.   I took on a part time job recently......it varies how often I work,  so it does affect my table time to some degree.  but no,  I won't let it get in the way of my desire to put ideas to wood  ;)


are you kidding Nenad?   the detail you put to those cabin structures really made me envious.......definitely an idea I want to try one of these days.


no.........no Mark!    I don't want to get the look again.......... <_<    it's been known to turn victims to stone!!! :unsure:


Greg........this is a concept I came up with a year or two ago.   it was to be three boats,  but one of them ran off to Hollywood to become the Andrea Gail.  I guess it figured that I couldn't make a star out of it >har-umph<   this particular one will be called the  'Jingle Belle' ......it is to be the caroler's boat.  the structure on the aft is a warming house.........you know.......get warm,  hot coco,  study your lines {uhhhhhh,  you were a little flat......ALVIN!}    there are a few other goodies I want to add to her.  we'll see what come out  ;)   be welcome to review the log........way too much for me to remember  :)

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 if I came up with crystal clear windows,  I would have to finish out the interior.  it would mean........interior wall coverings,  floor coverings,  furniture,  Tiffany lamps,  staffing and customers.  

Now that would really dress it up.



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so the doors were removed to be stained,  and to have some hardware put on.   I'll have to alter the color of the door knockers too  ;)    I showed how I had taken some netting and painted it copper.......I think I had better get a move on with the window frames.   for the front,  I made the outer frames.




there is to be a divider down the center......not sure how I want to go with the smaller dividers.




I tried the window maker on the mesh........came out looking like tapioca pudding.   did not put a smile on my face.......you can be sure of that.   I also didn't use any backing,  so the fills would break,  revealing the holes again...........I'd have to brush over them again.   finally I said the heck with it...........got a piece of plastic wrap,  laid the mesh over it {flat on the table},  and whipped up a small batch of diluted white glue.   I made it a thicker batch than I normally do.   it was brushed on,  going back over at times,  when the holes would show back up........




here's how easy it is to see the ones that popped




I did this before I went to my part time job.............when I got home,  it definitely had time to dry.




tomorrow,  I'll try to go further  ;)

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me too..........I'm hoping it works out.    so far,  the only thing I can say about it,  is that it dried with a rather leathery feel to it.   there is no sheen that I can see.   I will try another field of mesh.......but this time I will stretch everything flat.......there are a few ripples.   I'll be back.......gotta take Gibbs out  ;)


thanks for the good word and the likes! 

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it was kinda interesting making it....but you need a backing to apply the glue.   either that,  or you'll be play'in with both sides of the mesh.   the reason I mention the stretching out thing is because,  by not doing this,  there will be ripples in the mesh.

    it's not that the glue will be thicker in these places,  but it will show where the mesh is making contact with the backing,  and where it is not.   here is what it looks like without the backing.   as I thought,  white glue will not adhere to the plastic wrap.




I'll try it out to see how it looks,  but I will try and do a second run to see if it comes out better.   I did get to finish out the front window frames.   we went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to get more of the size wood I'm using for the molding,  so I can go the rest of the way around the house without fear of running out.   I was also looking at the dollhouse shingles....you can purchase them in a big package {bag}.   they are too large though,  so I can't use them.   it's OK......I have plenty of scrap wood that I can use up  ;)





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Hi Denis,


If your trying to do what I think your trying to do then I wish you every luck mate.


As a suggestion could you make up some windows and sandwich the mesh in between, or would that make the windows foggy ?, I don't know because I've never used this stuff before.


Another way could possibly be to make up your window solution and when it's nearly set lay the mesh over the top.


I do hope you achieve the look your after mate, just have to keep trying as I'm sure there's a solution to this problem.


Good Luck



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thank you all for the good word and the likes.......at the moment,  I'm trying to get all the molding and windows done,  so I can get some paint on the hull.  I've got the window sheet in between two flat objects.    hope to have an update soon  ;)

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you've read my mind Michael........except I'm going to try and use colored markers ;)    I found out that it is flexible......it will bend to the shape of anything I put it on  {not a good thing at the moment}.   I put it under a flat surface with some weight on it.......perhaps it will flatten out the ripples  ;)

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so I went a bit further with the warming house yesterday.  I was able to finish off a the rest of the molding that outlines the outer walls.  




the starboard side




the front fascia




the port side




and the stern {transom} fascia


I also began to assemble the windows for the starboard side






still more experimenting going on with the window material itself.......still not convinced that the window maker won't work.

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Maybe ... cellophane of a cigarette pack ??? Transparent, but not at all, shiny but not too much, it may be tightened, it may be tinted with transparent acrylic, you can sand it to get blur effect, you can play worming it,  you can bend it to get "crystal" effect, ... 

Edited by Nenad

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thanks Nenad........actually,  I'm sort of going for a clouded look.......but I want the sheen as well.   I've plenty of clear cello,  in different thicknesses,  but I'm thinking that brush strokes might be a problem.   I do plan on tinting........first to decide on what finish the frame should be........the molding around the windows is to be white.   now that it's done,  I need to finish the priming,  and then maybe....I can paint the hull.


thanks for the ideas.........I'll give 'em a looky  ;)

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