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Finally, an update. Real life seems to keep interfering with important things, like working on my Syren, but I have made some progress over the last few weeks.


First, a picture of my MicroLux pen sander which has become indispensable to me. I love this tool. It has really taken away much of the drudgery of sanding for me. Just my opinion of course.





And a few more pictures of my more completed framing. I can not seem to stop tweaking, here and there, but I am almost satisfied.








Now it is on to stern framing. Actually it is already complete. I just have to catch the log up to current state. More pictures in a few minutes


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Ok, here we go - Chapter 4 - Stern framing.


Just following Chuck's great directions. I, like everyone else, have discovered how absolutely fragile these parts are. Do not even look at them very hard- they will crumble. Other than that just A, B, C ...........














Now just let the glue dry- Sills and lintels are next

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OK. Now filling below the counter. I decided to fill the whole space. I dont know why. I guess I just like the way it looks.


Using 3/16 x 1/4 inch basswood again, I just stacked them up and glued them







I carved the basic shape then started sanding. Once I was happy with the overall look, I used some filler then sanded again.









Here is the result. I am not sure. The compound curves give me fits. I guess I am kind of a straight line kind of guy. Anyway if anybody sees anything I can do better let me know.





That brings me up to current state. So, I turn the page and what does it say?......Hull Planking....oh great......


I think I will give everything a once over, maybe fine tune the sanding. I still have to paint the gun ports....but sooner or later I have to glue that first plank



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Hi John ! good to hear from you. I understand you are getting ready to go on a little trip. Hope you have some fun. The only thing I lost from my log were old photos I had posted. I have them all on my PC so I can repost them when I can find the time. All is well. I have been planking my little heart out. I will have an update soon.



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Hi Charley, glad things are moving along. Yeah, we'll be heading west soon, but not until the weather breaks, like maybe 6-7 weeks out yet. Sorry about the pictures. That happens sometimes. Are you having fun with the planking? It's actually a lot of fun for me, it kinda starts to look like the hull of a ship the farther along you get. I like that. I'm waiting on a new to toy to arrive, and then I'll be turning out some work in the shipyard again before we take off west. Take care and good to hear from you.

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Good news!. Finally got all the pitures back up that were lost now I just have to organize and post my next update :rolleyes:. If silly things would just quit monopolizing my time ;)


 I am making progress. I finished the upper planking tonight and just have to take a few more pictures. Real life does seem to interfere with my shipyard time on a regular basis. I'm thinking the whole employment/regular job thing (after 32 years) may not have been the best choice for me ;) Hindsight is always 20/20 :D

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Just put in another 10 or 12 years at the job and then you can stay home like us old, retired folk.  But guess what -----  there is still never enough time for shipyard duty!

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Thanks for the pics Charley, I really needed to get that look at the stern (best pic of any log for what I am looking for). I understand life and work thing, I really need to learn how to say "no". Every time my boss comes to me and says, "hey we need someone to teach another section of this or that" I always say yes. Partly because I am honored they ask me, and partly because I am low man on the totem pole and prefer they think of me as indispensable...really isn't about the money, in fact, for all the extra work, the money is NOT worth it.

I keep hearing it will get better after retirement....hmmmmm....another 15 years of this, I just don't know lol

Can't wait to see you new update, I know the two of us are neck and neck.

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Your pictures look great.  I am about in the same stage you are (or at least your posts are).  Some questions: my framing toward the stern is not even.  I was following the line of the bulkheads but the port side frames tend to tilt toward the center of the boat.  The starboard looks like yours.  I am not sure what to do about this without tearing out the framing and bulkhead "horns".  I'm not happy about that option either.  Suggestions?

Also, I have not filled in under the stern counter, just installed the wood pieces as directed in Chuck's manual. Is the fill in necessary? I am having a little problem visualizing how this will come into play during planking.


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Hey Jim


Trying to picture what you are describing. Im not sure which axis you are off on. Are you refering to the sills, the lintels or the bulkheads themselves? Maybe you could post a picture. However, I have found the errors tend to multipy down the line. It might be worth the effort to fix it now. Cant be sure till I understand the problem a little better so please elaborate. I will be happy to help all I can. Also there is a framing question thread you could post your question in and get tons of responses. Their are lots of members that are more than willing to help.


As to the stern, dont worry about elaborate filling below the counter, that was just my choice because I liked how it "looked" I dont think it is required to complete a good planking job.


Thanks for stopping by the log



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Hi Charley, 

I just read through your Syren log, and I can only agree with others, nice work.
Like Bluenose, thanks to many build logs it is easy move ahead without asking to many questions.
The support in this forum is also very helpful.
Chuck knows this ship with all its' quirks and challenges, I have reached out to him for many questions myself.

So, here is the question: Any updates on your Syren? 

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