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H.M.S. Triton Cross Section by jzwei scale -1:48

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Hello to everyone. I am a beginer for  build models of ships. I Found this Internet project in MSW. The first step I Downloaded and printed out the part of the keel. Scale is 1:48.  and then I started my build log , I want to bulid this section continue. I am sorry for my english .I dot know everyone who  understand me?post-6358-0-67376300-1384268985_thumb.jpgpost-6358-0-43661900-1384269026_thumb.jpgpost-6358-0-73545100-1384269065_thumb.jpg

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Thanks Mark ,Antony ,Peter38.I am very delighted that you can understand what I say,

and I'm very grateful to you for my encouragement.

Keel and Keelson I use basswood, FalseKeel  I use cherrywood(I do not  know if the exact english name of the wood

we call it American cherry wood in my country, I guess it call Cabinet cherry .  ).

I want to build the next part, but  I do not know how I can download the other plans. 



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