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USS Bon Homme Richard by Cergina - Revell 1/132 - PLASTIC

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Hello everybody, when i bought this kit i thought its very big, but looking at the others builds and now when its base stands on its own, i dont think so. Its model 60cm long from Revell.I dont very like the details, because the sails are grown into the spar, the windows seems to be very big on its scale etc. Windows are now cut off and i will make two  of them in half of the momental size. The colours,things,... will be off course changed.



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hi, interesting what you do with this model.


I also bought exactly the same model but haven't started working on it yet, so I am interested to see

how you progress.


You say you cut off the original windows and created new, smaller ones. How can you do that on a pre-molded plastic mofel?

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Easily,  I drilled a lot of holes into them very close to each other. They are luckily made from very thinn plastic. Then i took round file with which i just made the holes bigger, then i took my modeling pliers and destroyed that window and finally I resurfaced surface with files. But then i found out new possibility which is faster. When i had big holes there, i took small scissors and insertet it into first and last hole in one direction and just pressed it. It was fast and clear. Then of course edging. The windows will be just made in half size, that will i describe soon :-) Hope you understand because english is not my natural language.

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So after a while i finally put some time to continue on this ship. i call every "skorapka" :-) I worked on some details, doors above the cannons, well its just big sorry that Revell didnt put there a deck. I also worked on first mates, the one standing next to the wheel/helm which is not touching it but showing direction, thats Captain John Paul Jones. Well iam just preparing for the lighting so everythings just as it is. :-) The others in next, cause the max is 10 images.











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In the last days, i was spending my time on the ropes that you see there. For about 160+ of them. They are not very detailed, but in that scale, i dont know more. Lighting is inside. But i will have to cover that holes with one second glue. Iam sorry, that i had to give there the cannons that are just the top of them, i would be more happy, if there would be normal board. But iam happy that i made the cajutes with the windows. It is better than the stickers. The things in back are not glued together with the hull, thats is the reason why there are holes still. 











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