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Model Shipways Rattlesnake. Is there a parts list with pictures?? - moved by moderator


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Hi all, My name is Tyleen umm I am new to ship building, actually I do not know anything about ships but I am fascinated by them. They are beautiful. I have built model cars before when I was much much younger and, being retired, I needed something to do other then playing computer games.


Well after a long search on something to do I flashed accross Model Shipways site and fell in love. It took me a month to find the ship I wanted to try and fount the Privateer Rattlesnake. I just got the ship Rattlesnake today and I am really excited about getting started. I am trying to go over the parts lists and well seeing how I do not know what anything is I cannot tell what parts are what. I am good at following directions and I know this is going to be hard but I want to give it a try. Is there a site that shows what the parts look like or should I just look them up one at a time to see what they look like. I feel silly doing something I know nothing about but well I think I can do it...I hope...maybe hehe


Also I am not sure if I am posting correctly or in the right spot. Please let me know if I have done something wrong.

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Welcome, Tyleen. No parts list with pictures, but you may be able to cross check with the instructions. Consider starting a build log in the kit build section - and don't hesitate to ask for help!


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Ahoy Tyleen :D


You could also use the search function on this site. Most of the parts listed for the MS Rattlesnake are generic and used on other kits. Some will be slightly different but you should be able to get a general idea.


Click on the advanced search (little gear to the right of the search bar) and choose "As Posts" for the Display Results. It will return just the posts where many have pictures, which will make it much easier.


If it helps I had an issue with my MS Ratt regarding the bulkheads. It is a common with kits but can be confusing for the newbie. When you align the bulkheads on the Keel section use the deck and then shim or sand the lower portions to match the rabbet. If this doesn't make sense right now don't worry. It will when you get there. It is touched on in Fig 6 and 7 of your manual. If you check my build log you will see I had a "bit" of an issue at this point. I did not use the deck BTW


PS: I am very pleased with the kit and look forward to seeing your build log here on MSW

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Thank you JPett!


That will help out a lot and I also copied your comment about the bulkheads and will put it in my book so I will see it when I get there. 


You all are so helpful! I am thankful for this website. The guy at Model Shipways told me to come here if I had any questions. He said it was the best site to go to. 



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