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What is the best gold spray paint brand?


What is the best gold paint (brush application)?


What techniques do you use to get the shiniest gold finish?


What finish should be applied over gold to keep it looking shiny?


Any other decorative metallic paint colours would also be helpful (brass, silver, copper).

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Dumb question to add to post, what happens when you prime something, then paint a glossy gold paint, then layer it with gloss polyurethane.  Does that help make it more real?  I ask because this may save me money when I have to make a ship part gold, thanks!

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Actually, I remembered this stuff:





Bar none, the best metal finish on the market. Provided you follow the instructions explicitly!


I have only used the aluminium versions of Alclad2 on model aircraft. You really do get a very realistic metal finish. I would hope that their gold also works. One disadvantage is that it needs to be sprayed. Lots of masking! Second disadvantage is that metal paints tend to show up every imperfection if the surface is large; although I imagine that should not be a problem for you Casey?



Brian I like the idea of gold leaf - Is it expensive?

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Brian confession time - I was trying to use a quote from Andy who posted the link - sorry Andy!


Norman Alclad have their own black primer which sprays beautifully, dries fast and as Andy points out - nice and shiny :) Mind you I have never tried it on wood - might need a coat of another paint to seal?

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True scale colour does vary from real life. Copper plating on a vessel was only that brilliant when brand new, but most seem happy with it. Personally I think if it looks right then it is. You can always tone it down with a satin coat if you think it is too bright

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I've never used gold (or any other metallic colour for that matter on wood).

I think most leading paint brands (Humbrol, Vallejo, Revell, Testors, Model Master )have very good golds (Model Master's "Brass" is great and is very close to gold).


I think a stroll in an art shop would give offer you the opportunity to find a wider variety of paints (as well as gold leaf) than in a hobby shop. There you could also find several shades of gold (antique, rennaissance etc).


Hope I was helpful,



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I've had a Krylon Gold Leafing pen for maybe 10 years and it still flows like it was new. Gives great coverage, drys quickly and looks great! I've just added the silver pen and it works just as well. I got these from Michaels art supplies in Canada but have seen them in craft departments of other stores as well.



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