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schooner gammoning


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I'm back to rigging my Hannah, and I'm trying to sort out the gammoning, which is different than larger ships. 


On the Hahn model in the US Navy Museum, the gammoning wraps around the bowsprit and stem (picture at http://www.dlumberyard.com/shipkits.html - it can be seen in the lower right image).  There does not appear to be any crossing of wraps as on larger ships, or wrapping of the end of the rope around the gammoning.  Marquard's Global Schooner book describes this for  ships with small cutwater and has a similar illustration, so it does appear to be accurate, although no specific reference is provided.  My question is how are the two ends of the rope fastened?  I suppose it could be started by passing through an eye splice, but how is the final end of the line fastened?


I'd appreciate any thoughts.





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Hi Dave,


I am at the same point with my Pride of Baltimore 2 model, and having the same issue.  Just starting to investigate how to secure the start of the gammoning, and then how to finish it snugly.  The start would seem to be easier, as you could seize a loop of line to itself, then snug it up and hide it between the stem and bowsprit, then use CA to lock it down.  I have not come up with any good ideas on finishing the gammoning.  My next step will be to see if there is any information in Biddlecombe's Rigging book.


Maybe someone will reply with more info...





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What is the proper approach to gammoning between a bowsprit and jib-boom? I'm at this point in my Corel Ranger, which as the original post here suggests, is a schooner without gammoning connecting the bowsprit to the stem, just between the bowsprit and jib-boom, and both the plans and finished photos show no frapping turns, just a straight wrap around both booms. I can easily envision starting with an eye or slipknot looped around the bowsprit, then wrapping successively from fore to aft, but how should it be finished. I can't seem to find a clear answer anywhere.

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