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How To : Add a Link into a Post

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This is a very useful tool for adding Links to another post in MSW, or even another Site. Some of the members on MSW have an "Index" page linking to specific posts in their Build Logs. This is how it's done :


Linking to a Page in MSW, or an Outside Site


1. Start your new Post in the normal fashion by using the "Reply" button or use the "Edit" button to add a link into a previous post such as an Index. Type in whatever you like until you come to the point where you want to insert a Link.


2. Type in a Name for the Link. It might be as simple as Click this Link, or a specific Pointer like Syren Ship Model Company (for an outside link) or Capstan (for example a link in your Build Log Index) so others know where it's going to - the choice is yours.


3. It's a very good idea to open a separate Tab or Window in your Browser to find the Address of the Post or Site you want to link to. Some sites won't return to your Edit Box, and you'll lose everything you've already typed to this point and will have to start over - very frustrating.


Internet Explorer and Firefox have a small "New Tab" or "+" button next to the open Window/Tab at the top of the screen. Other Browsers may have something similar. You can also open a new Window/Tab by simply re-opening either MSW (for internal links) or re-opening your Browser - there should now be two Tabs at the top of your screen.


If you have trouble reading the pictures, click on them to enlarge.


New Tab.jpg


4. Open the Site and the Page you want to Link to. Highlight the Address in the Address Bar at the top of the screen. Copy it by RIGHT-clicking your mouse and selecting Copy from the drop-down menu.


Copy Address.jpg


5. Return to the Edit Page by opening the first Tab. Highlight the Link Name you previously typed in.


Highlight Link.jpg


6. Left-click on the Link Button.


Link Button.jpg


7. This opens a small window to which you add the link.


Link Window.jpg


8. Paste the Address into the bar by placing the cursor inside it and RIGHT-clicking your mouse. A drop-down window appears. Select Paste, then OK.


Link Paste.jpg


9. The Name Text is now a Link. Click the OK button.


You may Format the text in any way you choose (if you wish to) - Font, Size, Bold, Italic, Color etc using the menu buttons at the top of the Edit Box.




Linking to a SPECIFIC POST in MSW


This feature is excellent for those members who want to construct a Build Log Index, and those who want to link to a specific post instead of just the page.


1. Follow Steps 1 to 3 above.


2. Open the Page the Post is in. Scroll down to the actual post.


3. In the top-right corner of the post you will see this button which is actually the Post Number for the Topic :


Post Number.jpg


4. RIGHT-click on the Post Number and a drop-down box appears. Select "Copy Link Location".


Copy Link Location.jpg


5. Follow steps 5 to 9 above.

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Having trouble posting links here for some reason. I've tried turning off the pop-up-blocker, made sure the compatibility settings include this site, and no matter how I try it, I can't post a link here. I can however, post pictures, and post links on other sites with no problem using copy and paste.  Also, it might be helpful to know that while I'm in the editor, or making a regular post, I can't use the paste function normally. It does let me paste the address in the window though. Any ideas? I've followed the right procedure to the letter and still no cigar.


Windows 8.1


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