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Tool storage

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I first came across this tool box some time ago and dismissed the idea for general tools because it was quite expensive and I wasn't sure the arrangement of slots and holes would suit the tools I had in mind for it.




I've always liked the concept though and recently came across this version:




I'm now thinking that something like this would be good for my modelling tools this time. Still not sure about the configuration or the size of the box overall but I'm now thinking I could make my own plywood insert to suit my own tools to fit the bigger SYS 5 box.




Seems like the best of both worlds, somewhere safe and secure for tool storage but with easy access once the plywood "tote" containing the tools is taken out. What do you guys think, worth the effort or not?

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Along the years I built some tool boxes. Recently a major reorganisation to regroup  the small tools in only 1 chest all at hand. I came close to buy Bisley cabinet (up to 15 drawers). Finally I opted to build one. Most of the drawers are only one inch high and most of the tools fit in and some drwaers could even be less high.





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I think that what matters the most for a drawer is the area not the volume. For comparisons, this old school chest has 16 drawers 18 inches by 20 inches each. This would be an area of 41 square feet. The Lista chest has 14 drawers 2 feet by 2 feet for an area of 56 square feet. One is made of wood and the other of metal. One cost around $200, the other at least 10 times more.


Joe, I hope there is enough!













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Gaetan, making those multi drawer cabinets really eat up the lumber don't they, but they are fun to make. I have several similar to yours but not so thin drawers. I like interesting tool boxes for their own sake. BTW Ikea has some interesting and affordable storage ideas. BILL

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   I still have pictures #2, from when you posted it in your log way back when. That is the one I love the most out of all I have seen of this type of tool box. Can you put me in your will for that Please. Sorry I just had to say that, I really do love that box. Thank you and no disrespect intended.



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The answer to your question is yes. But on the new set of pictures, I am also in love with the first tall tool box. Never seen one like that. That I think would be perfect for all our mid size tools. I could also put all the end mills and cutters in there. Dam that is nice. I got a spot all set for it. When do you think you can send it LOL. Really nice. Thank you

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The one with the mirrors I could put in my bedroom. Not sure what the Wife would say to me in Chinese, but I think it would have something to do with not liken it, but then I again I don't know what she is saying, so that would be how I can get away with it. LOL. Thank god she never seen any of the packing slip in the boxes (hmm maybe because she isn't here yet LMAO)

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Very nice storage systems~! 


It boils down to how you want your work space to work.  As long as you can find the tools, and protect them, then any system will work for you.  For me, my shop evolves, changes as my focus and circumstances change.  When I change my shop, though, I tend to 'lose' tools until I learn the new location.....



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I have an old wooden machinist chest I picked up on eBay for under $50 and it even had a couple of old tools in it when it arrived.  No brand name on it but I have been told it was common for apprentists to make their own chests back in the day.  Works very well for small tools.


A trick I learned to keep the tools from rusting (aside from keeping them clean and oiled) is to line the drawers with the paper that comes wrapped around bearings and cutting bits.  I believe it absorbs stuff like sulfides and other corrosive stuff in the air.  I don't know what it is made from but it works well and I got a large lot for about $15 off of ebay.

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