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Welcome to 'Shore Leave'

James H

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Welcome to Shore Leave.


This is again a fully moderated area, but here you can chat about non-hobby related stuff, socialise and stand at ease.


All we ask is:




There....3 simple ground rules.




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I thought I'd add a few things to what Jim said.


This area can be used for things like "visits to other members",  non-nautical type vacations, basically anything anyone wants to share but with the caveat that it will be heavily monitored for taboo subjects.


Want to discuss cars? Airplanes?  The great vacation?  The wedding?  No problem. 


Lastly, we will periodically clean it out of old posts and topics. 

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This forum was created in order to cut down on the off-topic posting in our other areas of the site.  Please post everything else here and in order to preserve the model resource for all of the build logs,  techniques forums etc and make them easier to navigate and read through.    Thanks   Dont hesitate to share your experiences with all of the friends you have met through the site!!!

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