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HMS Victory cross section in a bottle by qwerty2008 - BOTTLE - Finished

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I started on a HMS Victory cross section in a bottle. I made the hull by laminating strips of card over a form the decks are made from card as well they will be attached to the hull by strings that when pulled will assemble the model then the mast and rigging will be added. I still need to make one more deck then I can start making the details such as cannons the mast step and the chain pumps.







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Those are some of the best finds.  I found a couple of bottles while walking the dog both turned out some great ships.  






What's more fun is it adds to the story behind how the whole SIB came together.  What I like about the one you found is the opening appears small but obviously not so small that you aren't able to get a cross section in.  It adds to the magic of the bottle and adds to the question of "how did it get in there?"


Speaking of that do you have a picture of all the pieces completely separated?

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I did some more work on the rigging (the foot ropes are out of scale but I couldn't get them any smaller) the topmast shrouds are complete the lower shrouds will be attached to the hull and have long strings that will be threaded through a hole drilled in the top of the mast when I install the mast I will pull the strings to tighten up the shrouds.










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