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What else do you model, besides ships?

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During our recent overseas holiday, we stumbled across a Leonardo da Vinci exhibition in Venice.  It re-ignited my enthusiasm for his drawings of machines, particularly flying machines.  Subsequently, I was given this little model kit of his Aerial Screw as a birthday present a few weeks ago:


attachicon.gifAerial Screw.jpg


I dabble from time to time with plastic aircraft, but to me, its more fun if I can fly them.  This is my latest.

Looks like  " Pappy " Boyington in the cockpit

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Well now that you ask

one of my other hobbies is painting, specifically watercolour,







here is a paper stretcher that will keep your watercolour paper absolutely flat, at the bottom of the liked website is an old email address, i have given them a new one a couple of times but to no avail it seems.


And I also build odd railway items






this next one is 3 1/2 inch gauge and is battery operated it is called Montague's Carriage










the last one is card and 45mm gauge











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Do you have a garden railway?

Bob, yes, but it is very small here is a video of the complete circuit. it is a little neglected at the moment because the plants have grown up a bit and the track crew have been seconded to build boats;>D

I spent a bit of time playing with old battery drill motors that were beyond their working life (sad comment on obsolescence) to see if the armatures would be useful for model work. Here is a old battery drill motor that has been re purposed as a Victorian type industrial motor, it is all the components of the battery motor set into a styrene framework.




A live steam model of one of the crew locomotive works had a rather unusual forward and reverse mechanism for changing the valves and it involved a splined shaft that was set up with a gear, when the gear was shifted it rotated the cam at the end of the shaft and reversed the valve timing.


On the same Vimeo page there is a shot of the waterfall that is featured in the watercolour painting that is in the stretcher article it comes right after the raven.

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I recently completed Latina's 1848 Stagecoach which was the most challenging model I've built with lots of metal and leather work.  Wells Fargo painted their coaches red, but I think the natural Sapele finish looks good.













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Thanks for the link.  I haven't been there, but I will check that out the site.  The only stagecoach I've seen is when I was a kid and rode one at Knott's Berry Farm.  We got to ride shotgun and were held up by a masked bandit on horseback.

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Good morning


As a regular poster to MSW, i have been quiet recently, and have a couple of builds on hold, not because i am bored with then , i just wanted some time to practice other things, always been intrigued by weather i have tried before and failed, but wanted to give it another go, rather than use a large scale ship i amd trying on the trumpeter 1/35 BR-52 







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This really isn't modeling but these are my first two attempts at turning pens on my lathe.  


The top pen is a Manhattan style pen and the wood is Bubinga. The bottom is a slim line

pen and the wood is a hardwood I had but I do not know the type.




It is a fun little project and I think experimenting with various woods will be the best part.

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