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What else do you model, besides ships?

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Hello Kevin,


Oh how I love live steam!  I'm also a certificated steam engine fitter and boiler maker.  Never worked as such though but I love those big steam locos.  

Do you have a LED in the firebox?



hi Piet, no led or anything fitted to this build, just used Pastel chalks, and some nice out side natural lighting, no different to the upperdeck gun deck on the Victory, as soon none of it will be seen again, the tender is tight up against the Engine and very little can bee seen through the door and windows

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Well, whe're not all just shipbuilders!


I like to make WW II planes as well - still got some kits waiting to be build.




Messerschmidt BF 109






JU 87 Stuka






Focke Wulf F190






Hawker Hurricane (scratch):






Spitfire (not completely finished):




All the models are static models - only the Spitfire is to fly - but I have no experience in this, so haven't tried it (they say destroy 5 months of work in 5 seconds).


Still on the shelf:


P 51 Mustang

F4U-4 Corsair

Messerschmidt 262 "Schwalbe" (the first jetfighter)


All famous airplanes of WW II - in positive and negative way.



BTW - all Guillow - balsawood 1:16 scale

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Awesome stuff! Great thread.

Love the airplane models. My HZ Champ is currently getting rewinged after I drove it into the ground. The hobby store salesman was kind enough to talk me out of buying the p-51, telling me, "You're gonna crash it" when I told him it was my first rc plane. Saved me some money, in hindsight.

I'll stick to the stay at home static stuff for now. Rc is tricky.


Some of my other models/projects,


A working, laser cut Ballista kit that stained up nicely- Fabbed a needle tipped, Basswood arrow with brass flights that stuck into a wood door from dst. of 9 ft.

A miniature Samurai sword made from a nail and some styrene.

Mini Gladius and Cherry wood pipe that smokes well.

Some pens I turned on a drill bit with a sanding block. I dont own a lathe. ;)

The pen on the right was made from a piece of the tree we cut down in front of my house.

All part of the evolution that led me to ship modelling.








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Well this is some other stuff - nice! I like the Gladius!


And about Rc, I was warned about it too and was advised to start with a simple plane, as types like the Spitfire and Mustang are pretty hard to fly.


But first I have to finish some more ships, and one of my sons has asked me to make the Sebulba Pot-racer

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Ty hans- the biggest pain is making sure you keep the wheels  spaced right so the coupling rods do not "bind" also the gearbox can prove interesting! as well as the valvegear and keeping the underframe square so you do not end up with a wobbly loco! 


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Ty hans- the biggest pain is making sure you keep the wheels are spaced right so the coupling rods do not "bind" also the gearbox can prove interesting! as well as the valvegear and keeping the underframe square so you do not end up with a wobbly loco! 



There are some kits available here in NL - I think of buying one of them:









or this one:



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That's a nice model of the Wright Flyer Hans but I'm deeply saddened for not dropping in at my humble shipyard.   I only live 60 miles South of JAX.  Oh - - - booooo - - -  ooooh -  - -  ooh - - - sniff - - - sniff, (wiping tears form eyes )   ;)  ;)  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:


Hope you had a great time in JAX.  Did you also visit the Spanish fort in St. Augustine??  Our nation's oldest city too.  Hmmmm, not even a quarter of the age of A'dam  ;)



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As I mentioned in the 'other hobbies' thread, my other modeling passion, besides ships, is card model aircraft in 1/33 scale.  The reason why no news has been forthcoming from my shipyard is that I have been working on one of these planes, and I just finished it today.  It is a Polikarpov Po-2 in Soviet winter camouflage.  The original kit was printed in summer camouflage, but another modeler made some recolored parts available.  The build log for this kit is available to view at papermodelers.com.  I'm planning for my next project to be a ship (but no news on which one yet!).



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That's a great looking model Chris, nice "weathering" on it too.  Airplanes, right up my ally too, I rebuild a real Waco UPF-7 in my garage with my wife helping with the rib stitching.  

I love airplanes that's why my handle is Flying Dutchman, I used to make/m, break'm, fix 'm and fly 'm.



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For the past few years, ever since we moved into our new home, I decided to take my HO trains out of storage, where they’ve been for the past thirty years, and make a permanent layout.   The 8’x8’ layout was built from two sheets of plywood on a 2x3 frame.   In order not to use up all the space in my workshop I installed a pulley system on the frame and bolted a winch to the basement wall, operated by my portable drill, to raise and lower the entire layout.   When it’s not in use I raise it to the ceiling, when lowered it sits on two folding tables.


Overall layout.  Still need to finish the center portion and add some trees.



Rail yard



Winch on wall



Layout raised to ceiling


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