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What else do you model, besides ships?

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As some of you may be aware I have moved to card modelling and have my Bismarck log on here and did a review of the Fuso also.  I have as a minimum 2 more 1:200 scale ships I must have  :D .


But I also do card vehicles as well and here is my current stash.  These are all 1:25 scale and currently working on the Mazur D-350 again hence why my Bismarck log hasn’t progressed.  I have another 3 Halinski vehicles I need to get then I should be set for a couple of lifetimes of building.  Unless something else catches my eye  :rolleyes:



The Renova Kraz 255B is a favourite and can’t wait to start it  :wub:  .  After seeing this you-tube video it was a must have.  You should really check this out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP1IyIS0ca0 (by the way this is done by the same guy who is doing the Shipyards Alert linked by Clare (Catopower) in his review  in the Card Modelling section of MSW)



Here is some progress photos of the Mazur.  Currently working on all the chassis running gear components.  The photos below amount to about 35hrs worth of work.






As mentioned in the card modelling section here on MSW, card modelling is very rewarding and takes minimum tools and in the case of vehicles minimum space as well compared to working in wood.  A steel ruler for cutting against, a modelling knife (and plenty of blades), a cutting mat and some PVA and you are good to go.  Check out ccoyle (Chris) Intro to card models here http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/forum/28-built-a-ship-from-card-then-discuss-it-here-questions-and-reviews/ for a more in depth description.


The price of these kits are much cheaper than the wood or plastic counter parts but be warned, costs can climb with add on laser cut forms and photo etch etc.  I have found the postage from Poland to Australia is the biggest killer though usually amounting to at least the price of the kit again.


I suggest you give this side of modelling a look, you never know you might be bitten by the bug like I have.




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I have so many little projects on the go, they keep my model building intrest high, when i have low points on the Victory build

for a subscription site to which i am a member - i am about to enter a group build for desert warfare, i have never done anything like this before


and of course i have the war train diorama going on, not to mention the 1/200 Trumpeter Bismarck


But of everything i try to do The victory is my favourite - and intentions are to have her completed within 18 months, with all sails and stuns




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I have added a few details to the Super Jeep and glued it to a plaque for display.  The hood opens to reveal the "Go Devil" 4-cylinder 134 cu. in. engine that in its day produced an entire 54 brake horse power. the windshield folds down and the two mounted Vickers "K" .303 cal. machine guns have a full range of motion.

Here is the now finished Jeep.









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More than anything I've modelled modular battlefields for tabletop battle games.

Fields, trenches, rivers, woods, buildings in various styles ... rocks - plenty of rocks.


I also enjoy making cosplay stuff. The most recent thing that got done was a suit of bonemold armour, inspired by the video game "Morrowind".



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I have a large model railroad setup from Marklin and houses and electric cars from Faller. Bought most of it in 1972 and kept on buying from guys who no longer were interested until 1975. I have overhead electrical, lots of signals, steam engines, basically "the works'. Now I am selling it all on eBay. I have lots of vintage wagons and locomotives. Most of the locomotives I am selling to people in Australia and China. Weird. All the money I have made so far is going towards ship modeling and buying exotic wood for my intarsia projects.


If I had the room, I would have kept the trains but I don't so someone else will be happy. When I look at the pieces that are sold and pack them I feel sad, I reminisce about the setup I had.

Oh well.


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