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24-pdr bronze gun Le Fleuron-1729 by Garward , M 1:24 - Finished

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The gun model represents as a matter of fact battle stations, consisting of a bronze gun with some accessories and board and deck fragments. The model is made in M 1:24 under drawings of monography Le Fleuron (G. Delacroix), the trunk of work of Alexey Baranov, the basic wooden details - a gun carriage (except axes and aim wedges), frames, preparation of boards for a covering are made on a milling cutter with CNC our Polish colleague Mirek. I also have tried to consider experience of the French and Italian colleagues






on creation of similar models. At once I want to tell that this the first mine, but not a unique variant of construction of an battle stations, with use of the mentioned details, such variants with various degree of detailed elaboration there is a set and everyone modeller can choose a variant to the taste.












Drawings of a 24-pound bronze gun from the monograph







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Axes are made of a pink pear, cylindrical parts with a diameter of 6 mm are made by means of a mill for round preparations http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/434-manufacturing-of-round-preparations-for-a-booms-and-thin-yards/. Bandages 2,5 mm wide with an internal diameter of 5 mm for the ends of axes are turned from a brass bar.






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Considering the gun sizes, I decided to try to make brackets for fastening of pins demountable. Brackets I bent from a steel strip 1,2 mm thick, elements of their fastening I made of brass. I made this knot completely, but bent brackets weren't pleasant, replaced them slightly modified cast Alexey Baranov's production (replacement I will show a bit later). Brackets were tried on to an experimental gun carriage from a pear, made in the course of preparation for construction, it is yet that gun carriage which will be used in this model.




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Socket for recoil device (diameter of 1 mm) are made of hollow brass rivets with the outer diameter of tube of 2,5 mm (for printed-circuit boards, so-called "percussion caps"): rivets are truncated (that the new side didn't leave for the sizes already available), are unclenched by a cone on the lathe and pressurized in a vice.






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New (modified from cast) and old brackets of fastening of pins; washers with a diameter of 3 mm and the laying imitating fastening of the return ends of brackets, eyes and couplers.

Grooves in racks and brackets are milled by jeweler mills with a diameter of 0,7 and 1,1 mm respectively.



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As I wrote at the beginning of the report, options there can be a set, I chose that is pleasant to me and is at me. By the way, many modellers, especially French, do such models of one pear.

The same art post of Le Fleuron performed by the French modeller of Wpatrick.

Section of Le Fleuron of Gerard Delacroix.



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