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Vasa by Ulises Victoria - FINISHED - Corel - Scale 1: 75 - Royal Ship

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Thank you Nenad. Just a few minutes ago I placed the very last line of rigging on my ship. There are some small adjustments to do and then finally the last step: the flags and it's done!

Don't be afraid of the rigging. A few words of advise: Take it slowly one line at a time.

Pull your ropes very very slow and watch how they are moving. There are few things worse than pulling a line, feeling a "snap" that you know you shouldn't and find out that your line was caught in a cannon that was pulled of its place and fell inside your already planked hull (shudders!)

ALWAYS approach your lines with tweezers and scissors closed and open them just at the point where you need them to be. The second worst thing is snipping a line and watching another falling down, that was caught in your open scissors. You may laugh now, but you won't when it happens ;)

I use white glue to fix my knots. It dries invisible.

Hope this helps :)

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Excellent advice, obvious why your rigging is so perfect. I hope to reach at least the border of my country with yours with my future rigging work, as a quality comparison basis. We certainly won't be in the same neighborhood. At least my ropes will be perfect (Syren)  (:-)


PS: During my early teen years I lived in DF for two years (Colonia Polanco) Loved Mexico City in the 60'. I have visited Monterrey--lovely!!



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Hola Ulises, now I am in the process of doing the cannons and carriages and see that your cannons look black. I asked Matti about the material of them and he says were made of bronze. I make a try using black Patina to give them an "old" look with good results but anyway, would be interesting to know what do you use for the blackening.  


Also, it seems in one of your pictures, that you use a chain to hold the ruder blade in place, was it included in the kit?



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Hello Karl and thank you Matti.


Karl I use blacken-it for all my blackening purposes. I honestly don't remember what color my cannons came in the kit, but if I remember correctly, they were already black. Again... I'm not 100% sure about this but in any case, if they were brass, I used this product to blacken them.




And yes, the chain was included but was also blackened with this product. 

Hope this helps.

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Congratulations Ulises !!!!!


That's a beauty !!!!!!!!!

Be proud with what you have done.

Thanks for all the tips and tricks during this build.

It was a pleasure to follow !



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Perfect Ulises.You have done a great job. 

Your build in those days on DDM was for me a reason to select also the Vasa as my new build over 3 years ago

I now realize how much I have to do on my Vasa  :huh:

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Thank you all. Your comments are greatly appreciated.  :)  :)  :)


Crackers: I know about the Vasa colors. Corel kit is 30 years old, and at that time it was "supposed" that she was painted in blue with gold ornaments. I decided to follow this scheme even though I was fully aware of the recent investigations. To be honest, I wouldn't have painted it as per the original. I just don't like that paint scheme. And as I have said before, my ships are built as ornamental items; I am not a purist.

Maybe some time in the future I will go the "exact replica" route.  ;)

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Hi Ulises


Congratulations on a beautifully completed Vasa. May she always swim proudly on your living room table and never sink (contrary to the prototype).


But still, looking back now, it was a sad thing but also a piece of luck, that the king intervened and ordered the Vasa built in a way that she couldn’t swim, but nevertheless survive until today.


Great work!



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I'm going to throw out a word from my childhood - Stupendous - I can only imagine how you feel right now... maybe a bit sad?


Hehe...mixed feelings. I think it's like seeing your daughter getting married...  


Thanks for "that" word.  :)


Next project: Royal Louis by Mamoli in 1/90. And this is like seeing your newly born for the first time :)

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Woooohoooo !!!




Congratulation for THIS Vasa....


I like all your pics so much - they show very detailled important things to watch whenever you build a ship (like knots etc)


Looking for your next project


Best wishes






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