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Skipjack 19 foot open launch By Michael Mott 1/8th scale Small

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Here is another picture of the bow from inside the boathouse.



I think that one of my problems has been with the placement of station lines and the conjectured placement of the frames at the bow. and thinking that these are one and the same.




I have been trying to reconcile a frame at position 1 and am beginning to think that I have this all wrong it makes more sense that the first frame would be at the place I have marked as 2 in this plan view







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Hi Druxey, Thanks, I have come to basically the same conclusion. I am also guessing that this boat was built over forms with stringers then frames bent to the stingers and then planks to the frames and the stringers removed as the planking proceeded. funnily enough that was my first planned way to build this model.



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So the keel gods spoke to me in a dream (that's my story an' I'm sticking to it) Turns out that they were not happy about using the foreign exotic wood called Castello.... I know it is a beautiful wood to use and work with. However they suggested I use some of the Maple that I cut from the 24 inch log way back in 1976 and that has been thoroughly air dried for the stem and stern


and the nice piece of rock maple that was in the storage for the long part. So I agreed







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I began the slow work of carefully carving in the rabbet A big thank you to Druxey for comment about the rabbet following the line of the hull less the planking, and to Mark Pearce for the comment about the thickness of the wood at the stem. Obvious to many of you who have built several or more models of boats and ships, but was not to me.

This time I have left the bow at the full dimension of the mid-ship as 3 inches and am working the taper down to the  given by Roger as 2 3/8 inches just aft of the bow proper to allow for the clamping while carving.








I am following the templates for each station point along the new keel, and checking it with a small piece of 3/4 inch plank to ensure that the plank fits properly at each station. I am confident that this time I will achieve the results I am looking for.




Once I have the rabbet cut the whole length on both sides I will finish shaping the bow and stern posts.




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Continued work on the rabbets.IMG_2395x1024.jpg.c3304dda9398fe9bed06f9fc95d58888.jpg






I am going to make a couple of clamps to hold the keel in position while the frames are shaped and fitted there are 15 frames in all so when it comes to adding the floors I will need to cut the slots in the base form. Nothing will get glued until the frames and floors are sorted. The Maple is a little more difficult to work than the Castello, but I am pleased with the results so far.







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Had a chance in between a few other commitments to get the new clamps made and mounted, I also remade the location strip in order to align the clamps, and so did up a new print while I was at it.









Now I can finish the rabbet and get on with the frames and floors.



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Thanks for support and comments.


I did some tests today for the ribs (frames). When we lived at the lake we cut some and purchased some Birch firewood A couple of the larger split logs were really clean and straight grained so I split them up a little more and prepared some 1/4 cut billets that were approx 1 inch x 2 inch  x 12 inches long They have been drying for about 5 years now so today I cut one up into 1 1/2" x 1/2" scale ribs (3/16 x 1/16 actual)







I had done some bending tests with other woods as well, left to right Birch, Yellow  Cedar, Castello, Maple, and Beech. The air dried Birch bent the best.

So a couple of test bends on the form to see how they are overnight. I wrapped the frame in a wet paper towel and popped it into the microwave for 1 minute then used the hot air soldering station to add a little more heat as I bent the frame in the bending jig before pinning it to the form.






These are just some preliminary tests.




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Yesterday and today I notched the area for frames 14, 15 and 16 Then set up the frames to dry overnight.

I decided not to show close ups of the mortises as they were a bit rough to the naked eye so I can imagine how they would look through the camera..... Brutal comes to mind. 





I am having to take it slowly because I am having serious numbness issues with my right hand and the nephropathy tests today confirmed that I need to have the Carpel tunnel revisited, so an appointment with the surgeon is in my not too distant future.

Picked up a splint for night time today.



I am happy with the way things are looking with the frames, I laid a plank on the frames to get a sense of what is to come at the stern and I think it is going to work out fine.





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Thanks for all the concern and nice comments about the work. I took the day off today and worked on a jigsaw puzzle of some fruit in a still life.

just a small one but challenging all the same.




and sat in the garden enjoying the flowers. The wrist splint helped with the sleep.





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I was only going out to the workshop to do a bit of tidying up but honest! but got a little sidetracked I only worked for a hour and half.


The forward three ribs were a breeze. When I lifted the keel off the form I left the three aft ribs pinned to the form at the bottom.




when I replaced it they slotted right back in.










Then a wet and wrap in a wet paper towel and again on minute each in the microwave.



Now to relax for the rest of the evening.





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