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Do you have animals to 'help' you build?


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We have 2 Abyssinian cats, both like to "help" dad. The bigger one has always batted at me (when I'm working on my models) for attention. I pick him up, we have a purrfest for 10-20 minutes, then he inspects the desk before he jumps down and guards the door to the room.


The other one (they're 12YO brothers) is suffering from kidney failure and won't be with us too long (we love him dearly, and he's not sick enough yet to put him to sleep). He has taken to climbing up on me and purring for hours on end. Then, when I leave the room, he takes over my chair. If I move him off, he jumps back on. But he's too sweet and too sick and too friendly to lock him out of the room.


The big boy occasionally helps me with rope making (those stretched out lines make great kitty guitar strings), but otherwise, they've been great company.


I guess when the little guy passes on I'll get my room back, but it'll be a quieter and sadder place when he's gone.





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I have 3 cats. My pic at left shows the boss Tuxedo Cat tomcat, my best buddy. He helps with everything just by hanging out. He sits in my lap as I work. His sister hangs out close by, their mother shows up to beg like mad about every hour.

We had 7 when we started our journey through their lives together. Our first cat helped out for 19 years, just a day short of 20.


The group of 7 cats were brought into our studio as models  for my wife's internationally published book called : Flittens, Observations on a Curious New Species. A study carried on after finding a her Aunt Edwina's Victorian era journal in an old trunk. It's based in England. The publisher sent us there for 2 weeks all expenses paid. First in London, then at Northcoast Manor for research. .......We did find actual Flittens in a centuries old apple orchard on the manor grounds.


Von Stetina

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Thanks QAR. We've been thru it before (our previous cats were 15 and 18 when they died). What makes this one a little harder for us is that the sick one is my wife's cat, and she's still recovering from cancer side effects and other health issues. So, I was counting on this little guy to help her along. Instead, he's become more attached to me.



Here's a picture of them at Thanksgiving. The sick one is in the background:


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I had a helper and companion at one time (hence my avatar pic.) Unfortunately had to find him a alternate home. Still miss him very much. He would follow me anywhere and anytime. He had to be in the same room right next to me.

Made it a little hard in the shop at times, cause he would lay right at my feet or next to the chair. With him being a Irish Woldhound he was hard to step over.  Had to straddle him once just to use the scrollsaw.








By the way his name was TRITON   :)

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Well, I guess sometime tonight the Admiral is bringing home two 7yr old cats. Brother and sister. They're suppose to be well behaved :/. I've never had a house cat. We have a 11 yr old lab we rescued on the day of his execution. His name is Simon. We've had him for about a year and half. He has been wonderful. CATS...hmmm..I just don't know..


And so the journey continues



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My basset is the captain and so he inspects all ship models for accuracy and quality.

My husky is just part of the crew and so occasionally goes for rides.  :)





My old Basset "Flash" was smaller than your Husky, but I like your picture.

Makes me missing "Flash" badly.

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Per, Its hard not to miss a basset. They have a lot of love and emotion bottled up in them that spills out all over you when you interact with them. BTW, the husky is bigger than the basset - I just took some pictures of the dogs, cut them out and placed them in the model.



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I am not to sure that they help me build (example yesterday I was starting to bottle my victory cross section when I heard a crunch I looked down and saw the Nicolete chewing on the mast, luckily there was no dammage) I have two cats in my room/workshop Nicolete (the pink one) and Chica. When I work on my models Nicolete usually climbs up on my shoulder and Chica sits on my work table while watching me.







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I have two helpers both cats. We have had a rolling cat family for many years and the current two are very different from each other.


This is Millie. She is supposed to be my girlfriend but, being a bit of a tart, she winks at all the boys.




My other helper is Jago aka The Enforcer.


People of a nervous disposition should look away now.










This is a cat with attitude......lots of attitude!













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