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Do you have animals to 'help' you build?

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When we lived in Spokane,two of our passed away dogs (became 19 and 17 years old), saw such a vet every week. One of them were in featured in Womens World Magazine, together with the vet.

Glucosamine and fish oil (omega3) is a great addition.

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I have a Cat Free detached workshop. At least most of the time. Sometimes they slip in, but mostly just sit on top of something.


On the other hand I do compute with the help of cats sdadfsfdbvgbgnn!!!!vvvv....................................................................................................................................................................................................cvvbvvbbggfytyt

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When I'm sitting in my chair she is sleeping on a pillow near the central heating unit. as soon as I get out of my chair she stands up, is stretching herself and jumps on my chair. The admiral's chair has a leather saeting is not in sight of her.  ;)

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O.k, some photos of my "Assistants."

These Guys are Abyssinians,  Full on and won't take no for an answer!!


Every opportunity, they will "Tear" into the Ship Room.... They are not too bad, just want to be involved.

My Girl, Asmara,sadly passed away a couple of years ago, but the other two are very much "Hale and Hearty."


I'll never be without an Abyssinian!!

(If you look at my "Avatar" this was my much beloved boy, Sudamo.)







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I have more pics I'll locate and post later. Love our pets!


Cat is Tickfaw.

Lab is Hermione

Black Carin Terrier is Moogy

Yorkshire Terrier is Lola. (We didn't name her:)


The movie of Hermione was one year before she died of good old, old age. 13, 1 year ago this month. The movie with Lola, Hermione and Moogy was about 7 years ago about 3 days after we "Obtained" Lola. Tickfaw we found in Tickfaw State Park in Louisiana when camping when it was 4 weeks old. Took it to a local vet thinking he'd put it down. NOOO. He dumps a bunch of meds in him, pulls some wolf worm out of his neck, teaches me how to feed him and wet his butt with a warm cloth to teach him to poop. Which by the way, he figured out all over my favorite ugly tie before work one day! Moogy lived between 12 and 15 before succumbing to pancreatitis about 6 months ago. Put the cat and Moogy down the same day. The dog had it in the lymph nodes.


Got the cat and the lab within a month of each other when we lived in Michigan, so when we moved here, and got Moogy the 1st 2 felt like the originals. We called them the original G. Found Moogy under our car in long term parking at the airport. We had her for 9 years. So, in the last year we lost 2 dogs and a cat.


About 7 years ago we stole Lola from some abusive owners. Smacked it around, swore at her, worms, fleas, should have been around 8.5 lb's but was 6. As you can see from the movie 3 days later, she was all over her old problems and as happy as a bug in a rug. 


We named the lab Hermione because she was so smart. No one believes me, but it took 4 days to house break her and she'd pee on command. Like at night when I want to sleep and she wanted to play.


How do you come up with a name like Moogy? Those ears are so disproportionate to her size! From Star Trek Deep Space Nine, there was a species called the Ferenghi <SP?> whose sole purpose in life was profit. It seemed that the bigger the ears the more profitable one was. Except that woman were kept barefoot and well, bare and not allowed to leave the house. Quark, a main character has a mother that puts on clothes, fake ears and makes profit. So, her ears were disproportionate to her size and stature. Cairn Terriers are bred to root out foxes and possums in the Cairn foot hills in Scotland. Tough and afraid of nothing. The airport was near a very bad en of town. Gangs. This dog was afraid of everything, especially loud bangs. We suspect she survived the sounds of drive-by's.


From 4 animals to one. Can't have that! Must be someone to adopt.



Lola, Moogy and Hermione.








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The one in the middle is Sybil. After the girl with 16 personalities. We might have called her fast back, because she rolls over for a belly scratch so fast. We rescued her from a shelter. Part Yorky and part Jack Terrier. She was about 18 months when we got her. She replaced Hermione and literally within 2 months the Cairn and cat died. Hmmm. Guess we were never down to 1...


She's a pretty good dog. She can get wild, but if I call her name and tell her to chill while pointing to a spot, she'll go lay down and chill out. Lola responds to park it in the same way.


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The saga continues. 8 weeks ago we bought an 8 week old Cairn Terrier. Nothing like her predecessor. He'll take on Lola and Sybil at the same time.


His name is Gus. Short for Gustavo after the guy on Breaking Bad. I was working on organizing the garage and put the tubs on the ground and he immediately jumped in.


1 month ago a friend of my wife's showed up at the door with a cat she found. She figured my wife would want it because it looks remotely like our old one. She was right. Grrr. she hides under the couch by day, early evening she'll meow and I'll take the 3 dogs out, she'll come out and eat, drink, love the ma for 30 minutes, go use the litter and back under the couch 'till we go to bed.


Last night I left the puppy in and they came nose to nose. Then nose to butt. Cat swatted him and he pawed her but no hissing or growls. Sybil isn't interested in her so I don't think she'll be a problem but I'll try tonight.


Oddly it's Lola, the older one that has the biggest problem and just wants to chase. He's known a cat for 7 years, now.


Okay, Brian, that's nice and all, but this was supposed to be about how the "help"!


Well, lemme tell ya', I once swept the garage floor and piled up so much black lab hair that it filled the dustpan twice. The cat doesn't come in the garage, it's a house cat and the garage is detached. I had to make the garage puppy safe. Put up doors in front of all shelving on floor level, so they don't knock over paint cans and crap... Now the only thing they can find to chew on are the parts I drop that I need the most.



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The younger cat, Socks, climbs up on my lap and leans over to tap/waltz across the keyboard. That's when she gets invited down to the floor.


The dogs just sit there and wonder what I'm doing staring at a computer screen. Neither one has tried to chew or lick said screen. Must be living right. ;):rolleyes:

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Our dog just sits on my lap when I'm at the computer and snores a lot.  Must be one of the big differences between dogs and cats.  


Having said that, our previous dog would just lay on the floor under the desk.  When she wanted attention, she'd rise up on her back paws and slam the keyboard drawer shut.    The new one is too short to do that.  

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On 12/11/2013 at 8:08 AM, Thanasis said:

She is my closest partner...




This Summer ended for me, with two losses..
 Some broken blood vessels, cost me  the loss of about 30 percent of my left eyesight.
But more important is that because of cancer, I have lost my beloved modeling partner...
For the moment, I'm not in the right mood to start ship modeling.
I wish health to you and your pets.

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    While I don't let my assistant in the shop, (he's afraid of the basement anyway) he is always hanging around me when I'm at the drawing board or the computer.




    Besides, he is much too curious.  He is always sticking his nose into stuff that he shouldn't.


Sometimes he will appear seemingly out of nowhere! :o


    He always has to interrupt me every so often from what ever I'm doing for a scratching session. (a little more to the right please)


    But what the heck, as my wife always says, he is too cute to be mad at for long. :wub:


    Besides he is a bit of a clown, and we never know where he will turn up next. :o


    Isn't it funny how these little guys can worm their way into our hearts!:bird-vi:

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On 10/6/2018 at 3:44 PM, probablynot said:

My constant companion in the workshop

    Sorry Brian, can't put a like for this fellow.  As a charter member of the hate spiders club, can barely restrain myself from invoking my long standing policy of: see spider, kill spider! :blush:

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12 hours ago, BETAQDAVE said:

      Maybe the interest is waning a bit, as Felix seems to have a paw on the escape button. :rolleyes:

He is with us for only a few months now. I still have to learn him a lot.
Felix dont touch the escape key.

And, do not stand on the  on and off switch.....;)

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1 hour ago, Nirvana said:

leaving me less than 12 inches for the nightly sleep.

I think your's may be teaching my 8 month old Shih Tzu.


Only about 16" of dog but still manages to squeeze me almost off of the bed by morning time! On the nights that the cat decides to join in she doesn't even bother. She just sleeps ON me!:stunned:

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