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Scottish Maid by JesseLee - FINISHED - Artesania Latina - 1:50 (wood)

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Began adding reef points. This isn't as easy for me as I thought it would be. Having a lot of trouble getting the knots on both sides. I can get one just fine but tying another knot on the other side right up against the reef band it very difficult for me. Many times I get the knot on the other side too far from the sail & I have to cut it off & start over.




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Thanks Grant & John. And thanks CaptainSteve for the tip on the reef points. I modified it a little. I'll try to show the steps I'm taking to tie the reef points. My camera doesn't get as close in as I would like I hope it show it ok.


First I pre-tie a knot in a line of sewing thread. I pull this through the reef band with the sewing needle - pulling the knot up to the sail. I cut it off on the un-knotted side with enough extra length to do some tying. Then I do the same thing all over again from the opposite way (through the same hole) each thread knotted on one side passing by each other through the sail with a knot on each side. Now each side has 2 threads hanging out - one knotted & one not knotted. 













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My dog makes a good dark background to show the thread, lol.


I now knot the two threads together, do this on each side. I trim off one of the threads & leave one hanging from the knot & trim it to its proper length. I then apply Fray Check to hold to keep anything from unraveling.

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Thanks guys. The only sewing I've ever done was putting my own buttons back on my shirt. Most of my adult years I was single & had to learn. I picked up sail sewing when I started ship modeling. It is mainly just going very very slow. The stitching is really not that even but it is so small & close together most people don't notice.

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In the past I always made my sails look as if they were catching a full wind. Thinking I'll do them a little less than that this time. Been looking at pictures of sails under lighter winds & how they are shaped. Using watered down white glue to shape the sail. Not sure if I'm satisfied with this first attempt or not....


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Began tying the ratlines today. Most people say this step is a test of patience. I have the patience. My problem is with lyme disease the way you have to sit, lean & reach to do this is very painful. It reduced me to tears & back to my sick chair well cushioned with pillows 3 times today so this is as far as I got.





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