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Just got one of these to try. Not used it yet though so you'll have to wait for a review!






I bought it from Dictum in Germany.



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Ok, just given it a quick try on these two woods and it seems quite good. The packaging said the abrasive "plate" that it came fitted with was medium grade but it gives quite a fine finish so fine/medium might be a better description. I compared it to my standard sander fitted with 400 grit and it seemed pretty similar performance wise except the the conventional sander clogged quite quickly and lost its sharpness as well. The NT Dresser Tool remained unchanged. Whether it lasts 50 times longer than abrasive paper remains to be seen but I expect it's quite possible on woods that are not very hard.


The tool itself is a nice shape and fits nicely in the hand. It appears to be some kind of alloy casting with a painted finish. It is perhaps a little slippery though so I think I'd prefer it if they used a matt paint on it but I may well get used to it. If not I have a sand blaster in the garage so it may get "blasted" in the near future if it bugs me! UPDATE. I've just washed the wood dust off and it's not as slippery as it seemed so maybe my comment was a bit harsh!

Total weight is around 145g or just over 5oz.


I would like to try some of the other different abrasive plates with it but I've yet to find a supplier for them. Dictum only seem to stock the standard plates.

Next time I place an order with them I plan to buy the smaller triangular detail sander.



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