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This will be my first attempt in planking a hull the right way. My frame pieces are already glued on and I have the bottom of the keel in a jig. My problem is the top of the keel is still warped and I'm not sure of how I should correct it without putting on some planks. That seems like the most difficult solution. Is there an easier way then making a complicated jig for the top of the keel? 

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Hi Ed, if your keel is crooked, it can cause countless problems later with the rest of your build. If your kit is Model Shipways, I recommend ordering free replacement parts from the company & starting over. If it's another company perhaps you can post pics so that others can asses how bad it is and etc.




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Hi Ed

I know the majority will say strip down straighten and then reassemble.I would be tempted to try a couple of things first.Can the deck not be temporarily be pinned in place to straighten the keel out?Failing that you could get a piece of timber and cut notches out to clear the bulkheads.This could be slotted on from the top and clamped or bolted to the side of the keel.I would go for bolting as clamping my restrict space for planking.This could be removed after you have got as far down as is possible with the outer planking.


Kind Regards Nigel

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Another thing you can do is to straighten out your keel and fill inbetween the bulkheads.  Take your measurements from the slots and cut out blanks that are at a right angle and fit them into the bulkheads.  This should the job.

David B

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Just a different take on the stiffening/straightening strip -


Flip your carcass over and take a rigid strip at least as long as your keel. Temporarily tack the strip at the bow of your keel. Continue aft along this strip straightening and tacking the warped keel as you move towards the stern. This will keep it straight and not impede any planking. Once you've got the strip on you can also add some blocking between bulk heads to take some of the stress off the assembly.



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Hi Shipmates.

Now this is what MSW is all about.

Someone in need of help with ther model ship. And asks for advice.

Lots of good and valid suggestions come forward from members with expearance and thought.

A fix is found :)

And a happy modeller.


Well done MSW and to all it's members.


Regards Antony.

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