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Benjamin W. Latham rigging


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I am currently nearing the end of construction of my Model Expo kit of the Benjamin Latham, and am just beginning the running rigging.  I find that the plans are somewhat inadequate, largely because of the poor reproduction and printing.  There are many places on the plans that are fuzzy or smudged, making it nearly impossible to trace lines to their beginning or ending.  Unfortunately, the instruction book does not illuminate all of these areas with words or pictures.


Having said all this, can anyone recommend a source for clarifying the rigging plan?

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The American Fishing Schooners 1825-1935 by Howard Chapelle is probably the single best source for rigging details for those schooners. He included his field notes and sketches in the second half of the book. It may not answer every question, but it will certainly fill in some blanks on how those ships were rigged.



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