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Dead Eye & Shrouds


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Here is a photo of one of Victory's dead eyes.

You can see that the shroud was not that tightly secured around the dead eye.

A triple seizing above the dead eye and the tension once tightened would ensure it stays put.

On a model you might want the first seizing to be reasonably tight though.




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The shroud has three seizings clapped on.  The first is a throat or cross seizing put on where the end  of the shroud crosses behind the standing part (when looking from the outside of the ship). On this seizing the turns of the seizing are vertical.  Then the end of the shroud is brought up beside the standing part and two additional round seizings are put on the first is called a middle seizing and the second is called an end seizing.  The end of the shroud is whipped and cut off just above the end seizing. You will end up with a small gap above and below the throat seizing due to the diameter of the rope.

For right hand laid rope the shroud passes around the dead eye counter-clockwise.  For left hand laid rope the shroud passes around the dead eye clockwise.

The laniard starts from the hole in the upper deadeye furthest from the end of the shroud.

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