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Why is this kit so expensive?

Ulises Victoria

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I was browsing the Model Expo page, checking the offers and sales.

Corel's Wappen Von Hamburg kit in case: List price $2,850 dlls. Offered with a 80% discount at $579.


I have seen in other sites the Soleil Royal 




and Sovereign of the Seas at around 1,200 dlls, and in my opinion, these are much more large, complex and beautiful ships.


Just curious: Has anyone got the Wappen? Why is it so expensive? It doesn't look that attractive to me.



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I have built the Wappen, and I also have the Sovereign of the Seas on the shelf.  The Wappen was a very large, high quality, and complex kit.  And heavy; just about gave me a hernia moving it around when completed.  The lower deck was complete, and that made for a more impressive model.  For some reason one of the first things people do when they see one of my models is peer into the gun ports to check if they can see through to the other side.  She built up into an impressive model, and (I think) she looks lovely.  I would definitely place her on at least a par with the Sovereign of the Seas in terms of quality and complexity.  Although she did not correspond exactly to reference materials, I think she was closer than most other model kits I have seen.  Many years ago Smaug posted some old woodcuts of the Wappen on DDM, and I tried to finish mine to be consistent with those pictures.

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My Wappen Von Hamburg is currently on hold but would agree that it is the flagship of the Corel line of ships....I paid a little more than the listed sale price a couple years ago and this was  after watching the prices bounce around for a time.  I would suggest the list price is crazy high but  that is what marketing is all about.



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Listing a very high "retail" price and then having a "sale" price of a lot less makes the deal seem so much better, in turn getting people to buy the kit - "hey, I'm saving $2000 on this kit!" sort of thing. With that said though, the MS price is a really good price for this kit. The model is huge compared to others so in just the materials it would be worth the sale price.



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You can find what is inside a KIT, how is made .... and so on, and you will understand why.

Here are some examples:


Also, if you want to buy part, timber, tools, ... and other, just to prepare a scratch (to look like a kit)

you will see that is not cip


Al the best and Marry Chistmas!


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