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Hemostat pliers

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These seem quite popular with model makers but some of those I've handled have had quite aggressive serrations on the jaws. Are they all serrated or can you get flat ones? Just worried they may damage some items. Are there any recommendations for suppliers in the UK? Quality seems quite variable. All opinions on these tools, good or bad gratefully received!

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I have used these pliers for a lot of different situations and never had a real problem with the serrations. They certainly are a lot better in that regards than the 'alligator clips', sometimes referred to as a 'third hand'.

I have shown a couple uses in the videos I showed on this forum, but they are mostly to hold blocks, lines and other thin objects while whipping or soldering parts to them.


The three I have were quite 'tight' and would apply a lot of pressure on blocks for example. To overcome that I carefully bent one or both 'handles' to open up the grip and still be able to use the two snap-lock features.

Mine came from a surgical outfit and I don't know about the quality of other suppliers. But as long as you can bend the handles without breaking them and still have good holding power, it would seem to me they are workable.

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What I meant is that there are types of haemostats very delicate, without serrations, flat. We need to work on delicate blood vessels, imagine if they are not sensitive to our hobby.
Let's say that it is a bit expensive surgical instruments, but in my case for example, I can use old devices from the operating room where I work (I am a surgeon), they are old and used, but they are perfect for my uses

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I would be lost without them. They serve all sorts of holding purposes. I have several different types. They even make ones with rubber jaw inserts. I was a medic and had a whole set of these. When I retired, I kept them. Now instead of holding flesh together, they hold model parts.  :P


Vince P.

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