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Bulkhead to keel assembly

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I've done some modelling in the (distant) past, but this will be my first attempt at a plank on frame construction. I'll be working on the Artesania "Scottish Maid". A starting question - what do you think is the best method of glueing the bulkheads to the frame whilst keeping them exactly at 90 to the keel and at the right height with respect to the deck? Clearly this is critical, since if is inaccurate it will cause endless problems. Do you use jigging, and if so what type? I'm guessing that there will be various alternatives.





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Graham, these blocks will be glued permanently to the bulkheads and the keel. You want both fixed so they do not move or shift as this will be the base for your planking. If memory serves me the Scottish Maid is double planked. The first layer will determin the shape of the hull. After filling and sanding and your are happy with the result you apply the second layer wich is a thin veneer.

David B

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I simply extended the keel slot lines with a pencil then dry fit each bulkhead in turn using the extended lines as a guide and then use a set square to confirm they are square. I would suggest you mark the beading line with the bulkheads dry fitted and trim the keel as necessary at the stern prior to glueing the bulkheads. This is also the recommended method as detailed in Keith Juliet's book. I'm this stage with my current build which I will start in earnest after the Xmas break and will post some pictures in due course.

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