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Dear finds finding a drawing of a carronade I Can add some interstin features here for everybody how beliefs in targeting by special equipment as an intersind addition to a model ship:


Can anybody add intormation about the "diopter sight" and the "cap lock mechanism" to us?


Johann's article (picture No4) has some information - http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/1029-la-cr%C3%A9ole-by-archjofo-scale-148-french-corvette-of-1827-scratch-build/%C2'> - perhaps he can help!





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Cannon did not have sights, the gunner aimed ”along the line of the metal”; when the target hove in view over the muzzle on the up roll, the cannon was discharged.

Because the carronade tapered towards the muzzle, this would put the shot about five degrees high, as opposed to a long cannon where the muzzle swell, the increased diameter at the muzzle, would put the shot only .5-1 degrees high. Even at the short ranges involved, this was partly the reason for the carronade's reputation for inaccuracy, and that’s why some carronades had a foresight on the muzzle or on the second reinforce.

”Around 1779 the tangent sight, similar in principle to the common rifle sight, was introduced but some years elapsed before it was universally adopted. Lord Nelson said he was prepared to try the new sight but was not very enthusiastic over it, because, he said, when he attacked he 'closed' with the enemy and sights were unnecessary.” W.L. Ruffell, "The Carronade"

Here are some photos of a gun lock you might find useful:



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