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HMS Halifax by Arjan68 - 1:80 POB, a 58 ft schooner (1768)

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Hi all,


The HMS Halifax is my first scratch build project after many kits. I've chosen this ship because the original navy plans still exist and also because it is a nice looking ship. Harold Hahn has made a complete and detailed set of plans based on the original, so enough info should be available to build an authentic model


The Halifax was originally built as a merchant schooner in 1765. In 1768 she was purchased by the Royal Navy and converted into a 6-gun ship for coastal patrols against smugglers and the upcoming colonial unrest. During this conversion at the Portsmouth dockyard the detailed drawings were made.


I like small-scale models, so I've chosen a 1:80 scale. The model will be approx. 25cm from bow to stern. You may wonder why I have not chosen for a more standard scale like 1:96 or 1:87 (H0). The reason is a practical one: I don't have any sawing machines and  in 1:80 most sizes and dimensions are a multiple of 1mm, This means that I can use my extensive supply of kit wood  ;)


The build was started last month, so there's already some progress. In the next post I will give an overview of the work so far.




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Here's a overview of the work that has already been done.


The keel and bulkheads were sawn from 3mm plywood (by hand with a fretsaw). The decks are made of 1mm plywood. I use high-quality birch plywood.






A dry-fit of the bulkheads. So far I'm satisfied with the result




A dry-fit with the decks.





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Not much progress since the last update. The frames or bulkheads are glued to the keel and I've made mast fittings to keep them aligned.

Here some pictures of a dry-fit with the masts and bowsprit. The decks are not yet glued.


I have placed reinforcements between some of the bulkheads because the deck is not continuous in those places. Without them, the hull would not have enough stiffness and could distort during the planking.


For reference: the main mast is 6mm diameter. The foremast and bowsprit are 5mm





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