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Brigantine Corsair by Kamil - OcCre - Scale 1:80 (First wooden ship)

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So welcome to my build log(first one in my life :P). I`m building Brig Corsair as my first model and due to producer, difficulty level is medium.  I get it as a request for Christmas from my wife. Why this ship? I`m also addicted to PC games and i played recently Assassin`s Creed: Black Flag and i fall in love to pirates and the ships :). That`s a short story behind why i decided to go for wooden models.


So thats how looks my working place:


As you can see skeleton and the top deck are already placed:


Now i just need to wait till the glue can hold the top deck on place :).

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So the bulwarks are set. Was a lot of trouble with them because i didn't bend them enough before fitting :/. 


I added stringers on the main deck:


And now i need to place forecastle deck with i have a BIG problem and could get some advice:


So as you can see it doesn't fit :/. Small difference i could cover with stringer but forecastle deck don't have it. Should i sanded the deck till it fit correctly?

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Hi Kamil,


I have build the Corsair myself a few years ago and I see that you have the same problem as what I had.

And not only me but also another builder.

My solution was this.....I have placed the poop deck in place and then planking it strait to the bulwark.

The gap that you see now is gone then.

When you are sanding the deck, it's gonna be to short.

I post a picture for you.





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Hi Sjors. Much thanks for replay. Why the easiest solutions are always the most difficult to think about :P

I did as you wrote and this is the effect:


Besause the side of poop deck was touching bulwark only a bit i added something from my sefl:


This will help keeping the deck on place (i think :P)



(Gelukkig Nieuwjaar voor jou Sjors en Anja).

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Morning Kamil,


For you also a Happy New Year !!!!!!


That looks good that fix of yours.

The easy fix is always difficult to find.

That's why this forum is so great.

You can help each other !

If you have anymore questions, you know where I'am.



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Thanks Sjors for good words :).

So i have finally done planking bottom of the hull  :dancetl6: . That was a lot of work, took me 2 days (prox. 4h a day) stupid thing half of the work i did on dry planks instead sunk them for few hours to have easier work  :huh: . I still need to plank bulwarks, sand the planks, use surface filler to cover gaps, sand it again,  but for now thats how it looks now :D.





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Hi Kamil,


First planking is done...( almost )


A few things.


Did you faired the bulkheads before you started planking ?

You have some sharp parts in the hull.

And for the next build, try first a plank that goes over all the bulkheads to see if it touch every where.

At the moment one plank is to low and you need a lot of filler to get that away.

You have glued the planks or did you use only the nails ?

When you have also used glue, remove the nails !

When you are sanding the hull, you will see the nails and have problems with the sanding paper.

Try to get the hull as smooth as possible before you put on the second layer of planks.

Now go on with the filler and the sanding.

Good luck !



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Thanks a lot Sjors for tips. But don't know what do you mean by saying faired the bulkheads? You mean to shape them that planks touch it on whole surface not only the edges? If yes then i did.

Sharp parts will be sanded of-course :). It means extra work but will menage.

This low plank is from both sides and its a main stroke.

Heh with nails i have i bit problem now because i just finished first sanding (i used only the nails), fortunately i get rough-thick sandpaper so the nails are getting sanded together with wood :).

The filler is drying on the hull now and after that i`m going to sand it and as you say make it as smooth as possible.

The pictures i will add later after the hull is ready for second layer of planks. Hope you can judge them and say if it`s ok Sjors :).


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Fairing is what you are saying !

You do that, good thing !

Did I missed something at my build?

I don't have a lower plank......

Next build....use glue and not only nails .

If the wood is working ( and it will ) you have the opportunity that the planks come loose.

Aspecially when you sanding the heads away.

Be careful with that.

I wait for the pictures.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Well finally had some time to sit with the model :). 2 weeks free from work is over so don't have so much time now :(. Well here are some photos. There still need to be sanded a bit in small corners etc.




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So today i decided to buy some helping tools. This is what I choose :D.


Dremel have a lot of nice option and good thing is, its easy to buy parts to it in Poland when i`m back from Netherlands, not like the "similar one" Proxxon is offering, parts to it are quite expensive and need to be specially imported :/.


And my cat have a new house :D.


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So lets get back to Corsair. First of all THANK YOU very much Sjors for your world and suport, it`s mean a lot from so experienced person  ^_^ . Now here are some photos of the further progress. I added second planking layer at bulwarks (almost) and also first to planks of nice dark hull layer. And of course the keel is in place. 





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The start of the second planking looks good.

Only watch out with the stern.

I see a plank that is not going smoothly ( second plank )

Let the plank goes his own way and not force him into place.

I think with a little sanding you can get him right.

Are you using varnish when the hull is closed ?



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Hello Kamil,


Finally made it to your build log. Found myself a seat on the front row.

For a first wooden build you have made a good start.


The Corsair is a nice ship to start with and she will look good when she is finished.

Looking forward to your progress.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Uff looks like i wasnt here for a while :). Time to get to work finally (I've been to lazy last time:)).


@Sjors: Yes i will use a varnish after i sanded the closed hull :). Now i`m almost finish with planking and will add pictures later.

@Anja: Hi there :D. Welcome aboard :). Hehehe you can seat next to Sjors and have a good look what im doing :P.

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Hi Wayne. Of course you are welcome here :). Like Sjors told me, I have a big living room so there is a plenty of place for everybody who want to look and help me with by build :). Yes i had some problems with that curves especially its my first build. So have a seat and welcome :D

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Hi Sjors. Thank you for advice :). Any tip how i can do it? add some more plank at the end? Sanding will make it even worst now.


And I have a major problem now and really need help. I try to put some varnish on the hull (satin cote from humbrol) and here is my problem. After sanding i still have some place where the glue (white one specially for wood) is still on the planks and even sanding does not really help. There are also some places where the varnish cannot get into the wood because glue is there and I will need to sand off the entire plank the get it rid of there. Any advice on that? should i wet/soak the planks so the glue will get soft again? Here are some pictures, and in live it looks way worst  :( .




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So here we go again :(. Now I need to glue Bow, stern and forecastle limber boards with you can see at the pictures doesn't really fit (its a precut from plywood) because by lines of the ship seems to be more strait than the boards. Tried to solve the problem (on pictures its still not finish, still need to work on sanding to shape it). But my most concern is in instruction and also at Sjors and Garward build log of Corsair the boards (railings)  have this nice color with my as you can see doesn't. Did you guys painted it after or it was like that?


About the glue on planks-I`m still working on that.




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Hi Kamil,


Sorry for the late replay but here we go.


The spots on the hull are not that bad.

You tell it otherwise I don't see it.


Then the stern,

You can place a plank on it with a half rounding.

But first draw a line with a pencil so it is straight.

I have to take a look for you but I think I have such plank.

Otherwise sand it straight.

Not to far or you have no plank left.


The timber board on the bow is the same that I've got.

I have to shape it also.

But the last picture, the left side looks great.

The colour is no different as what you have.

Only I paint the edges black.

When you want it darker you can use varnish.

For myself have used yacht varnish.

It is shiny but darker.

When you don't like the shiny thing you can always doing a last layer with a matt varnish.

Hope this will help you.

It looks good !



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Hi Sjors. Thank you for your idea for the stern, it get me some idea how to do it by my self (will see how it will look when its on a ship and not in my mind :P). The spots on the hull (this from glue) are looking REALLY terrible. You don't see it so good on the pictures but in live its the first think you will see. The glue is stopping varnish to go into the wood so the color is not poping up :(


For the boards (railing) i throw away the plywood and decided to do it by myself. I've buy nice wide plank and shape, sand and paint it. the measurements are this same as original. Here are the results (its mat now, still need to put varnish on it):







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Hi Kamil,


I have take a look at my Corsair what about the stern and I found out that there is another plank on it.

Just on the demarcation of the white wood and the hull.

You need to find a piece of wood with the size, 2x2 mm ( dark wood )

That give you the opportunity to get that straight line.

For the rest it looks perfect :-)



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Hi David :). Welcome aboard! Yeee... lets say I cannot stay away from my ship longer than a week :P. And this week was pretty busy with building. And not everybody have time to sit few hours by his ship (just like you I think :)). I`ve you have a question just ask, will try to help you my best. So welcome and enjoy. 

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Hi Kamil


Just found your log and hopefully will tag long for the ride.


Have you tried scrapping the hull rather than sanding it, in many cases scrapping is better, give I a try, what have you got to lose. That's a nice bit of planking though.


Your deck planking looks great and I love the colour of the rails.


Be Good



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