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I've searched this forum but could not find a similar topic, so I'll go ahead and start one.


Building the HMS Bounty by AL. I've popped out, deburred and stained all the pieces to build the forward framing. I'm ready to start gluing in the ribbing from bow to midships. I laid the false keel on the perfectly flat table top and noticed that there was a slight bow to it. 1.5 mm at the midship point to be exact. I've contemplated whether this will affect the final orientation of the ribs and ultimately the entire build. I think that once the deck is laid (assuming both halves are perfectly symmetrical), the keel has to straighten out. It's plywood, 24 inches long and 6mm thick and 1 inch wide along most of its length. So its pretty darn flexible. (note that it may have bowed some cause it was sitting in its box in a garage for 6 years).


Anyway, I am thinking of trying to flatten it with a steam iron and clamping between two perfectly flat boards after the steaming. I am right now waiting to see the results of doing this to the scrap of template from which the false keel was taken. Question I have is: is this necessary and is this technique the best solution if it is. Or is 1.5mm flex not enough to worry about and will putting in the deck straighten it out? Thanks for any help offered.

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