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What is a ship without Cannon Balls?

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In a german forum I got a hint for a good source of cannon balls, all sizes:



... and some blackening for stainless steel like this one:



First one to take the grease off, second the blackening and the oil for dehydration ...




... first the degreasing ...




... used a magnet to take them out ...




... well dried ...




... and like Roger Rabbit back to the soup, the blue one for blackening ...




... luckily used old china as the stains remained :-)




First I wanted to avoid the dehydration oil because of the glueing, but some of the balls turned brown :-(




So same procedure as every year James, back to degreasing - the rust come of the balls but not off the china ...




... freshely blackned and oiled.


Putted UHU Universal into a old syringe and gave nice injections  ...




... uand placed the bullets :-)




Used lots of glue but still some came off, the oxide is a ideal separation agent ...


So then, good luck, Daniel
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Hello Michiel,


it is always warned about lead corrosion. The lead can disintegrate into white powder. Museums usually refuse taking models with this material because of that reason. I saw some nice effects already in the different forums about this issue.


In the MSW.1 there was an article about it. Can anybody reproduce this one and start as a new topic?



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