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HMS Pandora by Blademaster2444 - Constructo - 1:85 - First ship build

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This is my first wooden tall ship build. I got this kit a few years ago as my first ship build. I found the instruction a little confusing and didn't get very far. But now it's been a few years and thought I would try and build this thing.


So a few years a go I was able to get the the false keel and bulk heads put together and the reinforcement blocks on the stem, stern and masts pics are of how the ship is now I'm a amazed that nothing has been broken on it. One thing I'm not sure if I'm shaping the stern right? So any help or tips would be helpful thank you










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Little update I started work on the deck planks I ended up cutting the strips for the decking at 4mm and tryed to copy the pattern in the book. If I had to do it again I wouldn't try to copy the book just start at one end and work each row at a time.

Also did some work trying to shape the stern blocks the instuction book isn't every clear on what to do to these so I hope I'm doing it right




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They would be drawing pins I think.


Blademaster - I can't tell from your photo - but it almost looks as if you are taking it horizontally along the hull.  If you haven't planked a hull before check out the planking tutorials linked at the top of the Planking and hull forum.  reading through those will save you a lot of stress and heartache.



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The reason that they don't touch the first bulkhead is that you haven't faired the 1st, 2nd and 3rd bulkheads nearly enough (or the stern ones either, now that I look).


Read the planking tutorial.  Particularly the parts about fairing the hull.

I would strongly suggest you take them off, then get out the sanding block and get those bulkheads sanded down.  This is a step that you need to get done properly or planking the hull just won't work.


If you don't have adequate support behind the planks they'll be springy and you won't get the hull smooth or the right shape.


Secondly: the run of the planks in this area is defined by the wales not the decks.  When you've got the bulkheads fair, measure off your plans the location of the wales and use that to set your first plank.



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