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HMS Victory by Dan Vadas - FINISHED - Del Prado - Restoration

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Thank you David, Ben and John :) .


This time I only had a six day stint at my van, so I thought I'd spend as much time as possible on this build. I managed six hours per day :) .


The kit instructions had me glue a stopper block under the Boom and Gaff and then glue them both to the mizzen mast - YUCKO :( . I made up two yokes from scrap ply :


Finished 001.jpg


Finished 002.jpg


Finished 003.jpg


Finished 004.jpg


Continued next post ......

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..... continued


Below are a couple of pics of the completed Standing Rigging :


Finished 005.jpg


Finished 006.jpg


The start of the Bowsprit rigging :


Finished 007.jpg


About now I realized my camera battery was running low, so not many progress pics were able to be taken. Here all the Yards have been attached and the Running Rigging is complete :


Finished 008.jpg


Finished 009.jpg


I'll take some more closeup pics of the rigging next trip. Bear in mind that I've done a VERY simplified rigging - virtually only the Lifts and Braces for each Yard. I might add the Sheets and Tacks for the lower yards - that area looks a bit bare.


Last pic is of the port anchor :


Finished 010.jpg


Apart from painting and fitting the ship's boats the build is now complete. The remaining work will take me a couple of hours, but that will be next week. Then I can deliver the ship to the owner :) .


:cheers:  Danny

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The transformation is incredible Danny, as is the speed at which you've accomplished this. The owner should be delighted! Don't forget to post a final "before" and "after" series of photos before you close the log.

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You mention in your first log "Being the sucker I am"...


I just wanted to mention that I don't see a sucker or a mistake, but rather a caring individual that has the amazing ability of transmutation. Having this completed and as a living memory of your friends father is a huge act of love, empathy and generosity. You've helped create an heirloom, a tie to our heritage, which is one of the reasons for this hobby to preserve the old knowledge and memories. Your an inspiration Dan.


You have definitely got the Midas touch, without his greedy heart.

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I actually enjoy restoration logs more then build logs. You are a true craftsman and the transformation is incredible! On top of that you are a gentlemen and I am sure your friend will be overcome when she sees the ship completed and It will be a lasting tribute to her father. Well done Sir!

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Thank you very much for the kind comments Patrick, Grant, Keith, Rowan Elia, Mark, Tony, Lawrence and Row :) .


Well this project is finally finished and delivered to it's owner - to say she was delighted with the result would be an understatement :) . I told her at the start that I'd have to charge her for any materials I had to buy, and she said that was no problem at all. Total expenses were just under $150 for such things as a bottle of Acetone, another of Turps, paint, extra timber, glue, knife blades etc. I was going to donate my labour, but she would have none of that and I received a very nice surprise when I opened the envelope with the money later that day - an extra $100 :) . My total labour worked out at about 80c an hour, but like I said I would have been quite happy to do it for free :D .


Here are the pics of the finished ship, with a couple of "before's" under some of them :


Finished 013.jpgVictory (6).jpg


Finished 016.jpgVictory (2).jpg


Finished 011.jpg


Finished 012.jpg


Finished 014.jpg


Finished 015.jpg


Finished 017.jpg


Please ignore the way she's rigged - my aim was always to make this a "decoration", not a historically correct model. I only rigged the Lifts and Braces to all the yards, and threw in the Sheets and Tacks for the Fore and Main Masts to help "fill in the gaps". The rigging fulfills that aim. BTW - I know the Braces for the Main Yards should have been around the other way (i.e. toward the Mizzen Mast), but it would have left too much empty space in the middle ;) .


I'm already a fair way into my next "holiday van" project - a similar situation to this project where the original builder passed away before completing his model of an Artesania Latina "King of the Mississippi" and I'm completing it for his family. Here's a LINK to it if you're interested.


Work will also be done on "Vulture" in the meantime :) .


:cheers:  Danny

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Wow, what a difference!


From something worth a rubbish bin, to something that should be treasured for years to come.  I am glad it was appreciated (as I am sure it will be by anyone who sees it) but I am not too surprised that someone who gives and does as much as you do, was flattered and happy with the "bonus" of that size  :)

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WOW Dan,

You have certainly made a silk purse from a sows ear, as they say.

I started that part work about 10yrs ago and almost immediately ditched most of the timber supplied, (the second planking was a joke) and most of the cast metal parts. I have been working on it ,on and off, ever since, trying to make a more historically accurate and better made representation of HMS  Victory.

Well done again.



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