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HMS Enterprise 1774 by mitchel - Shipyard - 28 Gun Frigate - Card - 1:96

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Hello everyone


Well Christmas has come and gone and as promised I am starting a build log. One thing to notice straight off is that I have named the ship Enterprise with an 'S' rather than 'Z' which is the spelling on the kit. Not a big deal but something I want to do.

Now as stated in the title this is a card model. I have never done anything like this before so with the help of all you good people here I hope I can do her justice.


Here are 2 photos of the kit.





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Here are a few more photos. I am only dry fitting before I use any glue. You can see the numbering of the bulkheads here..




I turned the model upside down to help make a snug fit of horizontal formers and damaged the upper tips of the fo'csle..




The bulkhead formers make a snug fit but I need to re-inforce the hull I think. Any suggestions? I am thinking of glueing vertical strips either side of the bulkeads and giving the whole structure a 'wash' with watered down glue.


And finally, a photo of the whole ship so far..



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I thought the bulkead formers were a bit weak so I added pieces of paper to the bulkhead/horizontal formers. Not the neatest job I have ever done...




The transom formers are incredibly weak and just touching them breaks them easily..I will need to make a scratch version of the one I snapped and build the hull at the stern first to minimize any more breaks. The rest of the hull is quite sturdy.. 






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Here is a look of the inside of the instructions book. The book is a mixture of building instructions and the actual cardboard for the build. I am also crossing out the letters/numbers of the pieces I have used as I go along so that I don't miss anything. If the letter isn't crossed out then I assume that I haven't used it.





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Hi Mitchell,


I'm looking forward to your starting up on your Enterprise again. One question – I've seen the Shipyard kit and it doesn't come with pre-cut frames. You're model looks like it has laser cut frames. Did your kit come from GPM by any chance? I see they sell a separate frames and detail parts set for the Shipyard Enterprize kit, as well as ones for some other kits. Just curious if that's what you got?



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Mitchell, A beautiful ship. I am a card modeler and can sympathize with the fragility of the laser cut frames. You can stiffen and strengthen the fragile bits with super glue. You may also consider spraying the colored pages with a fixative such as krylon this protects the paper from handling as well as making it easier to remove stray glue which can seep from a joint and is almost impossible to remove from the "good side". My last suggestion I'd to visit papermodelers.com there is a wealth of information and talented modelers there. Best of luck.



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Hi Guys


Clare...so sorry for not replying to you. I got my kit from the Polish site Shipyard. The frames were all pre-cut. Each frame piece is laser cut and has small tabs that when cut frees the frame from the cardboard. 


John...thank you for the information.


On a general note, I haven't given up on my ship, but my working table became a nursery for my daughters new baby boy. He is 1 now. My how time flies! My table used to have new born baby stuff piled on it, now it has 1 year old baby stuff on it instead.

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Hello everyone

My, doesn't time fly!

My grandson is 2 now and my daughter is moving out soon. Things should get back to normal in a few weeks. Over the months I have tried working on the kitchen worktops and in the bedroom but for me it just doesn't work. I even put the ship back on the table, but the little fella is always inquisitive and I end up putting the ship away again.


With a bit of luck I should be back soon.

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