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HMS Pegasus 1776 by Trussben - 1:48 - Swan class sloop based on TFFM

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Hi Toni,


So I had to make changes to include:-


Dual fore/aft beam arms instead of the single fore one shown in TFFM as opposed to Pegasus's NMM plans

Larger fore hatch due to my mistake following TFFM instead of NMM deck plans, movement of all ledges etc.... because of this.

adjustments to all beam widths and knee positions to suit my hull inside shape

adjustments to shape of wing transom knees to suit my hull



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That framing looks really nice.  I am sorry if you said before but what are you using to cut all those mortise out with?  Are you getting those incredibly tight joints with a chisel/file/blade or are you one of the power people with a fancy mill?

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I did the same with my Swan class model, Ben. Looks like your Mylar pattern fit better than mine. Well done!


Tony, you can make little pin pricks through the Mylar to transfer marks. It's very accurate. I also made deep pin pricks at the fore end of the pattern as registration marks to relocate the pattern each time it was removed.

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50 minutes ago, stuglo said:

question from the ignorant- how do you make those transparencies? 

(PS started my "swan" today- wish me luck)

We used to sell the plans on Mylar but now they are sold by  Sea Watch Books and are printed on paper. You could have the paper deck plan copied onto Mylar at a print shop but as Druxey noted make sure they match perfectly.

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