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HMS Pegasus 1776 by Trussben - 1:48 - Swan class sloop based on TFFM

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Thanks All,


It always surprises me how that light pink of the good quality Swiss pear I got from Jeff darkens to that beautiful deep reddish hue after a few months, superb quality wood!

 I wish Jeff or someone of his caliber was still around, we shall miss him for a long time in this hobby!



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That's a crazy great level of workmanship! I'm most impressed.

Other fruit woods darken with time including Cherry and Plum. I'm not sure about apple. You can take the ship out into bright sunlight if you want to speed it up, but be careful of shadows falling on the wood. They can leave a pale shadow on darkened areas.

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I wouldn't recommend 'sunning' a model. There are detrimental ultraviolet rays as well as heat - neither of which will do a model any good in the long run. Also, humidity levels wll drop in the sun, and Ben can tell you all about the trouble that can bring to a model!


Much of wood color change is due to surface oxidation from the atmosphere. It will darken wood over time indoors anyway.

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