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Corel Ranger for first build?


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I think it depends on Your experience with model building. Corel doesn't have the greatest instructions. Plus their layout sheets aren't always accurate. But if you got a little experience you can notice this and fix yourself. Only my opinion of the maker, not the ship. If its a good price, go for it and start a build log here, there are tons of people who can answer any questions here on MSW.

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Hello and welcome.

The Ranger looks like a nice kit to start with. It says Intermediate level, but that always is a very subjective term. I have seen beginners kits that say: "Next step: plank the hull" :o

I see you mention is your first build, but is not clear if you have had some experience with other types of scale modeling, (like plastic) or some woodworking experience or doing some other crafts. Any of these activities may provide you with some experience to start an "intermediate" level kit.

On the Ranger: Rigging does not seem too complicated and it's double planked, which makes it "a little" easier. If it looks good to you and its within your budget, go for it.

Start a build log here, and you will get all the help you may ask for to complement for poor instructions.


Best wishes.

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Only a couple of comments on the Ranger.  First, it is a fictitious ship (no such Revenue Cutter) but it is based on a real class of cutters from the early 19th century.  The instructions are fair, not great.  The biggest issue is that the plans sheet and the instructions are at different scales - the instructions are 1:50 while the plans are 1:64.  Creates some challenge when attempting to transfer dimensions from the plans sheet to the pieces (some do not match).  This discrepancy can really be a challenge until you get used to converting measurements between plans and model.

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Thanks for all the helpful comments!  I am thinking that the siren song of "cheap" may not be the way to go (ie sparse plans, misleading measurements).  I shall continue studying the books while saving more treasure to buy a kit with more accurate detail and instruction.

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Hi Walt


difficult decision what to start up... I was thinking almost half a year about this. My favorite was the Corel Endeavour - but all Freaks told me, that it needs a lot of expierence to get along with it. Next was Karl and Marie by Krick, a very nice vessel with german roots - but at least my decision was the Half Moon, also by Corel. I am VERY satisfied, although I know that this kit is not the Nonplusultra. But for a beginner - it is also my first bulid - it is well-done, the instructions are quite good, the materials are ok, the sheets of plans contain all you need. And: There is a gigantic Network called "WWW".  :piratebo5:

You are NOT alone :D So, if you like the Ranger as type of vessel, it will be as good as every other kit.


Wish you good luck for your decision and a lot of fun whne you build your first boat


Regards - Max



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Thanks for all the helpful suggestions everyone.  I did some more research and decided to lower my ambitions a little...ended up getting the HMS Bounty Launch from Model Shipways.  Price was right and will let me do a not too expensive plank on frame for first attempt...now just accumulating the needed tools...then a deep breath and start!

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